Mondo's Hot & Spicy Pickles

Recipe by Monica in PA
READY IN: 2hrs 8mins




  • Clean cucumbers in cold water.
  • Place water, vinegar, sugar, salt in large pot.
  • Place sprigs of dill (stems and all) and pickling spices in cheesecloth. Knot the cheesecloth and place in pot with the rest of ingredients.
  • Bring to a boil to make a brine solution.
  • Place a few peppercorns, few garlic cloves or chopped garlic, 1/8 teaspoons Alum, a couple dried whole chile peppers in each empty canning jar that is going to be used. If you desire hotter pickles, add optional 1 - 2 teaspoons crushed red pepper flakes to each jar.
  • Then place pickles in jar and fill with brine solution.
  • Wipe rims of jars with clean cloth, place lids and screw on bands fingertip-tight.
  • Process for 8 minutes in water bath.
  • Remove to cloth-protected counter and let rest undisturbed for 24 hours to cool.
  • Pickles are ready to eat in about 2 weeks. Enjoy!