Mimi's Anadama Bread (Bread Machine)

"A delicious bread. Legend has it that a fisherman, tired of his wife's cooking, came up with this blend of stuff and as he sat down to eat, he grumbled, "Anna, damn her" because he was tired of her cornmeal mush. From then on this was called "Anadama" Bread."
photo by Mimi in Maine photo by Mimi in Maine
photo by Mimi in Maine
photo by skapezltj photo by skapezltj
photo by Mimi in Maine photo by Mimi in Maine
photo by Mimi in Maine photo by Mimi in Maine
photo by Mimi in Maine photo by Mimi in Maine
Ready In:
4hrs 10mins




  • Put the ingredients in your bread machine according to directions.
  • Basic cycle; light crust; loaf size.
  • Check it while it is kneading to make sure it is the right consistency; if it is dry add a few drops of water slowly till it is right and if too wet, add a tad of flour slowly.
  • Cool on rack.

Questions & Replies

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  1. David B.
    The recipe states "1 cup of water". Is that room temperature or lukewarm water?


  1. Andrew D.
    I use the dough cycle in my bread machine and then do a second rise in a bread pan. Then bake 28 minutes at 350. It is excellent without the bread machine shape.
  2. skapezltj
    I had Anadama french toast on a trip to Portsmouth, NH and ever since I wanted to make the bread here at home. This was also the first time I ever used my bread maker. It turned out perfectly! So delicious! There were no temperature instructions for the ingredients, so I made the water room temp and I softened the butter in the microwave. I will make this again.
    • Review photo by skapezltj
  3. Dessert Rose
    Fantastic bread. I recommend using the normal loaf recipe in your bread machine the first time. This rises a lot. I use the normal recipe, machine menu: white, normal (not rapid rise), 1.5 loaf with medium crust. The baked loaf came to the top of the inside of the machine. I will make this often.
  4. pansregnig
    This is exactly the recipe I have from "The Bread Machine Cookbook" by Donna Rathmell German (p. 131). It is a good tasting bread that is not too sweet, and so is fine for sandwiches as well as with dinner or as toast for breakfast. This loaf rises very high, so you might want to make a size smaller than you usually do.
  5. dissjwine
    Made the medium loaf, got rave reviews from DH and DS. Followed the recipe exactly used the dough cycle on my ABM and baked about 40min @375. Will make often....thanks for posting


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