Mass Quantities of Seitan

READY IN: 2hrs




  • You can use a food processor and first mince the garlic in the dry bowl so it's fine and uniform. (Hand mincing and mashing works fine.) Then add everything but the flour and 3 cups of the bullion. Process until uniform. Put the 5 cups of flour in a deep bowl. Add the bean puree and the other 3 cups of bullion. If you are not in the mood to stick your hands in and mix, a large rubber spatula works well to keep scraping and folding. Mix until there is no sign of flour. You can put all the of the flour and broth in an 11-cup food processor if you have one, but it makes for a pretty rubbery seitan.
  • Different ways of cooking seitan lend different textures. You can wrap some of the seitan in foil, or wrap in cheesecloth to give it a denser, less porous texture that works well for browning in dishes like Fajitas. You can also make a more free-form seitan that works well in soups and stir frys. A favorite thing to do is make Texas-Style BBQ Brisket.
  • Mix your simmer stock ingredients in a pot that holds at least 6 quarts. Arrange your seitan roasts in the pot so they all have similar contact with the bottom of the pan. It's great to have a wide pan that facilitates turning the roasts so they don't burn on the bottom.
  • Simmer on very low heat for about 1 to 1.5 hours until the loaves are springy. You will know you are halfway there when you are able to turn a free-form loaf without destroying its form.
  • Remove loaves from broth and inspect to make sure they look well cooked all around. It is a crowded pot. But hey, now you don't have to make seitan for another month. Save the leftover broth and "giblets" to make "Turkey" Soup or Dirty Rice.