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"Laksa is a Malaysian soup made from laksa flavour spicy curry, coconut cream, noodles, prawns/shrimp, chicken and lots of fresh toppings. This recipe is considered to be a cheat version because it uses laksa paste, however the results are still very yummy. You can vary the ingredients in the soup to your own taste. I had trouble finding fish balls and fried tofu puffs in my region so I replace the balls with extra green prawns/shrimp and fried my own tofu (I cut them into 1 cm by 1 cm cubes). This recipe is from SBS's Food Safari and is made by Aryan Mansor"
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  • Shell prawns/shrimp and reserve prawn/shrimp in one bowl and heads and shells in a separate bowl. Set aside for later use.
  • Using a food process make 'Spice Paste' add shallots, garlic, ginger, chillies, dried prawns and water. Then blend until it forms a smooth paste. Set aside.
  • In a large pot, add vegetable oil and heat. Once the oil is hot add prawns/shrimp shells and fry for about one minute or until they turn red. Remove from pan and discard. This will add prawn/shrimp flavour to the oil.
  • To make the 'Laksa Broth' add 'Spice Paste' to prawn/shrimp flavoured oil and fry for a minute. Add laksa paste and simmer for about two minutes. Pour in the chicken or vegetable stock and bring to boil,.
  • Then add coconut cream, fish balls, fried tofu, sugar, fish sauce, salt and freshly squeezed lime juice. Bring to boil.
  • Half fill a medium pot with water and bring to boil. Add rice vermicelli for a few minutes until they become soft then remove into separate serving bowls.
  • Add egg noodles in boiling water for five minutes or until soft and transfer into the same bowls as rice vermicelli.
  • In the same pot poach reserved prawn/shrimp meat until it's pink then transfer them into the same bowl as the rice vermicelli and egg noodles.
  • Pour 'Laksa Broth' into the serving bowls (same bowls as the prawns/shrimp and noodles).
  • Then top with shredded chicken, bean sprouts, spring onions, chilli, coriander, fried shallots and serve with lime wedge's.
  • Enjoy.

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  1. Leggy Peggy
    At long last I have found a laksa recipe that's better than anything I can buy in a restaurant. I was a little short of tofu and had an extra 20 grams of laksa paste, but otherwise followed the ingredients and method. The finished result was a little sparse on broth, but I find that restaurant versions are usually overloaded with liquid, so that wasn't a problem. Thanks you so very much for posting, Rose. This goes straight into my 100-star cookbook.
  2. I'mPat
    The DH declared we will make this one again. For allergy reasons I had to sub spring onions (white section) for the shallots in the paste and as I had bought peeled prawns I fried some dried shrimp/prawn in the oil. We did omit the tofu, coriander and fried shallot but added scallops, fish and some baby bok choy. Thank you Chef floWer for a delicious soup with lots of taste. UPDATE - still so good. UPDATE - still a winner, used some fresh vegies from the garden and vermincelli noodles only (friendlier on the blooc sugars) and still thorougly enjoyed (only did enough seafood for 2 but enough broth for 4 and have frozen the other 2 serves of broth for a quick laksa for the DH and Ir.
  3. ariff r.
  4. Vasantha K.
    I have used this recipe twice to fantastic results !! For anyone who are unable to source Laksa paste in their locales - here is a simple way to make the paste yourself - Enjoy !!
  5. Teeny L.
    Tasted more of lime than laksa, so I had to dilute it with more water. I think next time I'll skip the lime and use a tiny bit of lemongrass instead or make it from scratch (maybe the paste I was using already had heaps of flavouring in it)


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