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"It's a ham noodle recipe that Czech women make.If anyone knows about this please write and tell me a little more about it because Libby was a little vague on some points. Cooking times are a guess. read the reviews ive put and option with egg noodles in for those of you that dont make noodles"
photo by Dienia B. photo by Dienia B.
photo by Dienia B.
Ready In:
2hrs 35mins




  • Place ham in a food processor.
  • Add flour, 6 eggs, salt, butter, and water to make a stiff dough.
  • Roll out dough and cut into squares.
  • Grease a casserole. if you use store bought noodles cook them in ham bone water and start here.if using noodles cook in ham bone broth until they float
  • Layer ham noodles and cubed ham.
  • Mix egg yolks and milk.
  • Pour over noodles. Dot with butter.
  • salt and pepper
  • Bake until golden at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.

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  1. MusicalityPhan
    Would you believe this is the ONLY recipe on the web for this?? I used to make this with my mother when I was a kid, although we made the highly simplified version with ham (ground in a cast-iron grinder), egg noodles, and butter. I believe the closest Americanized spelling is "Fliechke," which Google apparently wants me to change to "Flikr." Go figure! At any rate, I'm very excited to see this recipe that seems so very close to how my family describes the way it "used" to be made. Thanks! =D
  2. SammySparrow86
    My great grandparents were Czech and immigrated to the US around 1917-1920... my great grandmother used to make this dish for my grand father -it also goes by fleichke (spelling qustionable ;p). It is now a family tradition we try to carry on (in Australia) for special occasions one of only 2 Czech dishes in the family. My dad makes it for us using dry pasta and a fresh ham hock boiled til the meat falls of the bone. The pasta is then boiled in the hock water before being combined with the ham hock meat and extra cubed ham and baked in the oven as per your recipe. Great to see that this recipe is out there for others to cook! =)
  3. L_Asaro
    Hi, Dienia!<br/><br/>Thank you for putting this on-line. As someone else said, this is the only place I've seen it.<br/><br/>Your recipe is spot on. Traditionally, some sauteed onion is added in as well.<br/><br/>My 88.5 yr old mom is 100% Bohemian, so she grew up with my gma making this all of the time. We never did the biscuit/roll part, but... everything else is the same.<br/><br/>I tried to cut down the calories, but unless it's whole milk or cream, it gets too watery. Also, traditionally, made with leftover noodles. Fresh ones sometimes get mushy when cooked in the egg & milk mixture.<br/><br/>Your spelling is correct, Flicky. There's one of those ^ over the c to make a 'ch' sound. So one would pronounce it fleech-key.<br/><br/>It was originally a peasant meal using leftovers. Ham lasted because it's cured, but the noodles, etc didn't as refrigeration was a luxury back then.<br/><br/>That's as much as I can help you with. Glad you shared. My kids are out of the house, they now make this too. In the microwave, no less! They have to stir it every 3min or so.<br/><br/>Thanks, again. Linda from NJ
  4. Lvycravsit
    I make a simplified version of this and my guys love it. I saute chopped onion in butter, add in cubes of ham to heat through and then add this to cooked and drained egg noodles. I garnish with chopped parsley and then add some grated parmesan cheese to each persons liking as it is served.
  5. Juliawiggins
    My Czech grandmother used to put buttered breadcrumbs on top. I always thought flichky was too dry and could benefit from a white sauce.


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