Lemon Pepper Marinade

"This is so simple and straight forward. Try this with chicken or fish. I look forward to see how you like it!"
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photo by gailanng
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  • Mix all the ingredients in a large glass bowl. Add your meat of choice (1 lb boneless or 2 lb bone-in). Stir to incorporate, cover and refrigerate for 4 hours (if using any type of seafood only marinate for 30 minutes).

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  1. npelley73
    I marinaded wings in this yesterday for a couple hours and then cooked them in my air fryer. They were absolutely delicious! Thanks! :)
  2. jbquasch
    Typically use a store bought lemon pepper marinate but store has been low on stock lately. Found this one and tried it. Mixed using regular pepper since we didn't have peppercorns and only had time to allow it to marinate for about 10 minutes. Went on the BBQ and tasted FANTASTIC! THis is out new Lemon Pepper marinade!
  3. lauralie41
    Like the previous reviewer I always used Lawry's lemon pepper marinade but after tasting this marinade that wont be the case anymore. I used 3 boneless and skinless chicken breasts and put them in a ziploc bag. Added the marinade and gave the chicken a good rub before refrigerating and did that again a few times during the four hours. Set my pepper grinder on coarse so there were some pieces of peppeer in there, squeezed the whole lemon, and used store bought minced garlic. Used the George Foreman grill to cook the chicken and it was moist, tender and delicious. Just the right amount of lemon flavor! Served with lemon roasted potatoes and salad for a fantastic meal. Made and reviewed for the What's On The Menu recipe tag game.
  4. kittengurl11_110025
    added fresh italian flat leaf parsley. my chicken is so good.
  5. Burnie H.
    I used to use Lawry's Lemon Pepper marinade, but stores in Canada no longer carry it, I found with a little more lemon juice this recipe was better than the stuff in the store. Cooked with the marinade in the skillet, the marinade reduces to a great thick sauce to top the chicken with. Thanks!


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