Kittencal's Perfect Cooked White Rice (Soft, Medium or Firm)

"This method will create a perfect cooked rice --- remember not to stir at anytime while cooking or the rice will stick to the bottom of the pot, and do not cover with a lid until all water is absorbed, for this method use only long grain white rice, please see directions for water amount."
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  • *NOTE* for a firm rice (which makes the best Chinese fried rice) use 1-3/4 cups cold water, for medium use 2 cups water less 2 tablespoons, for soft use 2 cups water.
  • Place the uncooked rice in a fine strainer and rinse thoroughly under cold water; drain very well (this is an important step the rice must be rinsed firstly).
  • Place the rice into a 2-quart saucepan then spread out to cover the bottom.
  • Pour the water over the rice, then sprinkle the salt over the top (do not stir) bring to a full boil UNCOVERED on medium-high heat.
  • When rice is at a full boil immediately reduce heat to medium-low (more towards the lower setting) and simmer uncovered for 20 minutes or until the water has evaporated and the rice looks dry (push aside a few grains of rice with a fork, if there is no moisture/water in the bottom of the pot then it's ready, do not stir!).
  • Turn off the heat and cover with a lid and let the rice stand on the element for 20 minutes.
  • Fluff the rice with a fork before serving.

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  1. DotA
    Used this to make some *spectacular* leek+bacon fried rice (along with expected egg & garlic). Because I was using freshly cooked rice (cooked for "firm"), instead of covering for the last 20m, I dumped it out in my clean wok and spread the rice out as thinly as possible to both dry it and cool it (for about 20m); once done drying/cooling, re-potted so I could use the wok to cook. Regardless, otherwise, followed the rice cooking and fried rice cooking instructions nearly to the letter. Excellent recipes! First time I've cooked rice, let alone fried rice! So many many thanks and much kudos to the recipe designer!!! :D
  2. LovesCookingHatesDishwashing
    Okay, I doubled this recipe and got bad results. The rice didn't cook all the way through. I cooked 2 cups of raw rice with 3 1/2 c. water for firm rice. The rice, mainly on the top layer stayed partially hard. That made it so that I couldn't use it in my recipe. I cooked it on an electric flat surfaced stove. Has anyone doubled it with success? I actually made two pans at the same time knowing that more probably wouldn't have worked. Both failed. (I won't rate this since I strayed from the recipe and doubled it.)
  3. SDSusan
    I'm surprised this is so much different (and better!) than the usual way I make white rice. And I have never thought about doing it this way. My husband and I loved it and I'm sold- this was the best rice to have with my beef stir-fry spooned over, it was amazing, thank you so much! I'm going to share it and, of course, give you credit for it.
  4. JustGina410
    This is perfection! I followed the directions exactly and was amazed at how simple it was. Geesh, all these years of clumped mushy rice, who knew??! I cooled this, bagged it, and froze it. I will never make rice any other way. Be sure to rinse the rice really good. I was still getting starchy water after 5 full minutes of rinsing. I just kept on until the water was clear. Thanks for a really great technique!...Gina :)
  5. JenJenMarie
    Rice turned out fluffy, but still ended up browning on the bottom. Tastes like rice cakes.



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