Kittencal's Easy No-Fail Make Anytime Turkey Gravy

"I have been using this recipe for many years, my family loves this gravy and I have served it to dinner guests over the holidays and always receive rave reviews! --- you don't need to make this gravy using all pan drippings, if you do not have 4 cups of drippings you may mix with chicken broth to make the 4 cups, or it may be made with only chicken broth, please see note on the bottom of the recipe--- this may be made slightly ahead and kept uncovered on top of the stove until ready to serve, just whisk before using If you have any left over this gravy freezes very well or you may reduce all ingredients down to half and for a thinner gravy reduce flour by 1 tablespoon --- also see my recipe#314890 for more of my recipes visit"
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Ready In:
5 cups (approx)




  • Drain the pan drippings for the roasted turkey through a fine strainer.
  • Let sit and then remove any fat from the top of the drippings.
  • Add in chicken broth or water to make 4 cups if necessary.
  • In a medium saucepan, melt margarine or butter.
  • Add in lots of black pepper.
  • Add in 1/2 cup flour plus 3 tablespoons; constantly whisk for about 3 minutes over low heat.
  • Slowly add in the 4 cups turkey broth/drippings; whisk constantly over medium-low heat until bubbly and thickened (about 3 minutes).
  • Use right away or keep warm over lowest heat setting, whisk again before serving.
  • **OPTIONS** to make this gravy using all chicken broth prepare as directed using 4 cups low sodium chicken broth and 1 tablespoon chicken boullion powder ---- or you may add in low sodium chicken broth omitting bouillon powder to pan drippings to make up 4 cups.

Questions & Replies

  1. make up your mind. pan drippings or not? why not just buy bottled/canned turkey gravy if you don't want to, use pan drippings? why bother using chicken gravy?
  2. how do you print out the recipe???


  1. Well, you sure surprised me! I cooked a turkey with absolutely nothing on it, no salt, pepper, no onions, nothing, just threw it in. I made this gravy out of the juice. I added just a tad of salt, since I knew it would have absolutely no taste at all. Wrong! It didn't need the salt at all and it was very good. I can hardly believe it, but, it was! I will definitely make this many more times. Thank you very much!
  2. We purposefully were looking for a recipe that didn't NEED to have drippings since we were sent home with a whole cooked turkey and it NEEDED gravy. We saw your recipe Kittencal and haven't been let down by you yet so we chose this and were very happy. This was so easy to make and super tasty! Thanks!
  3. The family loved the gravy! My youngest son said it, "tasted as good as grandma's gravy." Grandma passed away 3 years ago & we've all missed her fantastic cooking. Delicious & extremely easy to prepare! This recipe is a keeper. I added a few drops of "Kitchen Bouquet" while it was thickening. I don't think it enhanced or changed the taste....It just darkened the color of the gravy.
  4. TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT!! Seriously, this is GOOD, tasty, fast, easy, no lumps. If you want a darker gravy (this comes out pretty light colored (think biscuits & gravy), you can toast the flour in a dry pan, stirring nearly constantly for just a few minutes until the flour is about the color you want your gravy, and use that.
  5. Thanks again for a great recipe!!! I made this gravy for Thanksgiving and it was a hit on the mashed potatoes and turkey -- in fact, I think my daughter's boyfriend poured it over everything on his plate. He called me later that evening to thank me again for dinner and the leftovers I sent home with him -- then he told me that it was really a "911" call as he was out of gravy. I guess I'll be making this recipe again!!!!!


  1. Perfect. Delicious flavor and good concistency. Used turkey fat in place of butter.
  2. Thanks again Kittencal... I tripled this recipe using the 1/2 cup of butter... some of the rendered fat from the turkey.. and the turkey broth and potato water from boiling the potatoes for the mashed potatoes. Instead of flour I used Jiffy Buttermilk Baking Mix (Bisquick).
  3. This is the first time I've ever made gravy and I was happy with how simple it was with so much flavor! I changed the 5 cup serving to 2 1/2 cups and only used chicken broth instead of pan drippings or chicken bouillon. I also added some garlic powder when I added the pepper. It took longer than 3 minutes to thicken, but once it started to thicken, it was done. I will use this recipe again and again and again. Thank you for posting! Everyone loved it with their turkey dinner.
  4. Absolutly wonderful. I used turkey fat in place of butter. Now we never run out of gravy. Thanks Kittencal
  5. My boys say this is far better than canned gravy.I used the chicken broth option and instead of flour i used Bisto. It was a little salty(probably the Bisto), so I just added about a cup more broth. I found that it did not need the chicken boullion. Thanks for the recipe.



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