Recipe by Chef #235570
READY IN: 1hr 35mins




  • Place wheat in large bowl, add water just enough to cover wheat - soak 5 minute or until you don't see water on the top.
  • Place lamb,onion,salt,pepper, cinnamon and allspice in bowl, mix "with hands".
  • Remove wheat from bowl,squeeze out water 1 handful in meat, mix well. Continue mixing in wheat, 1 handful at a time, making sure you mix "very" well.
  • Place in your pan and spread evenly with wet hands to do this, pressing meat into the pan. Pour half olive and half veggie oil over top just enough to cover meat.
  • (hope I can explain cutting).
  • Cutting:Use a large knife.
  • First cut into 4 equal sections like 4 squares, 1 horizontal cut, 1 vertical cut.
  • Cut "opposite" sections into 3/4ths inch slices through to bottom of pan.
  • Cut remaining "opposite" sections on an angle. Then run knife around entire edge of pan to make area for oil to get into.
  • With your thumb make a hole in the very center of the pan and then make hole a bit bigger. These cuts & the hole will allow the oil to cook the meat. (All olive oil is best, use a good grade of oil). Some people prefer all veggie oil and that's fine too but the olive oil enhances the authentic flavor.
  • Bake at 350°F for about 1 hour.
  • When the hour is done, turn on the broiler and lightly brown the top.
  • To eat: Cut a piece of bread in half, place a slice of Kibi in it, fold and eat.
  • I serve it with homemade yogurt on the side but Dannon plain is just as good. Also slice up cucumbers, and have large pitted black olives (the real ones in olive oil are best but regular are good too.) Sometimes I will cut up fresh ripe tomatoes, fresh parsley, onions and add fresh lemon juice, a bit of water, salt, pepper, and a pinch of sugar. No oil in this dressing.