Juicy Quarter Pounder Burgers

"my husband loves these. they come out really thick and juicy. i like to eat it with mushrooms and tomato. but you can use any burger topping you like. also feel free to add some cheese if you wish. this recipe is a combination of burger recipes i've tried over the past year or so. hope you like it"
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Ready In:
4 burgers




  • Pre-heat broiler to 500°F.
  • In a large bowl add all the burger ingredients together (except the buns).
  • Mix well, (don't be afraid to use your hands, just make sure you wash them well before and after mixing).
  • Divide your mixture into 4 equal parts. (i use a scale to make sure the meat is divided equally).
  • Shape each of the 4 pieces of meat into burger pates.
  • Make the pates thicker at the edges and thinner in the centre, since burgers tend to get rounder and thicker at the centre when you cook them. This way they come out flat once cooked.
  • If you are going to grill the burgers it helps if they are frozen first so they don't crumble.
  • Place the pates on a baking sheet lined with foil (to help with cleaning).
  • Place the baking sheet under the broiler for 16 minutes turning half way threw.
  • In a skillet add a little oil (which ever kind you like cooking with).
  • Once the oil is hot add the mushrooms.
  • Add the minced garlic, salt and Italian seasoning to the mushrooms.
  • Stir the mushrooms often, so they are cooked evenly.
  • Once the mushrooms are cooked and browned remove them from the skillet.
  • One the bottom buns of the burgers spread some mayo.
  • Once the burger is cooked add the burger to the bottom bun.
  • Then add a zigzag of ketchup to each burger.
  • Layer the mushrooms on top of that then the top bun.
  • Serve with a side of coleslaw, pickle and backed potato or fries.

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  1. mollywally
    These were very good. I just mixed them up and cooked them indoors in my skillet. Very very very moist. And very good too. Will be making them alot during grilling season.
  2. bmcnichol
    I made these for freezer tag 2008. I made the burgers as written and froze the mixture. I thawed them in the fridge the day before cooking. These were easy to make, cooked up nicely and were moist.
  3. CulinaryQueen
    PAC Spring 2008 ~ I really enjoyed these. They were moist and the worcestershire sauce really brings out the flavor. Did not put these on buns, but instead made a gravy to pour over top.


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