Jamie Oliver's Ultimate Mushroom Bruschetta

Jamie Oliver's Ultimate Mushroom Bruschetta created by Katanashrp

This recipe is from Jamie Oliver's book, Jamie At Home, via the Rachael Ray show.

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  • Put a large heavy frying pan, big enough to hold all the mushrooms in one layer, over heat and add about 1-2 tbls. olive oil. Slice the larger mushrooms up, and leave the smaller ones whole. Add them all to the pan and give it a shake to toss the mushrooms in the oil.
  • Add the chopped garlic and fresh herbs and shake the pan again. Add a pinch of salt and pepper and the crumbled chili, add to the pan and fry gently for a few minutes. If the mixture becomes dry, pour in a little more oil.
  • Once the mushrooms have started to turn a golden color, after about 3-4 minutes, add the butter and a nice squeeze of lemon juice(not too much) and toss again.
  • To finish this off and make it into a creamy sauce, spoon 2-3 tablespoons of water into the pan. Simmer for a little longer, until you have a nice simple sauce that just loosely coats the mushrooms.
  • Now toast your bread.
  • Rub the toast with the cut side of the remaining clove of garlic. Place each slice on a serving plate, pile the mushrooms and the creamy juices from the pan on top and dig inches Enjoy!
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"This recipe is from Jamie Oliver's book, Jamie At Home, via the Rachael Ray show."

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  1. Katanashrp
    Excellent appetizer/lunch. I used black trumpet and golden chanterelle mix which became a treat fit for a king (or a queen for that matter). I served it with frisee salad lightly dressed with a vinaigrette, which cut the richness of the dish perfectly. Thank you.
  2. Katanashrp
    Jamie Oliver's Ultimate Mushroom Bruschetta Created by Katanashrp
  3. donsyt
    Everything I love in a recipe, quick and delicious. I highly recommend this one for a lovely lunch or a quick, simple dinner. We added a bit of creme fraiche to be naughty.
  4. lilachandler73
    I ate something similar to this on our honeymoon to Mission Bay, CA -- it was a chicken/mushroom sandwich on French bread, with sauce like this, and it's unforgettable. I'm betting carmelized onion would be another great variation for folks (like me) not into the chilis. Dump cheese on top and pop back into the oven to melt -- oooh, la la!
  5. IndyEater
    I added a little feta and put the mixture in mini phyllo cups. Terrific!

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