Indonesian Munching@ Nasi Goreng

READY IN: 35mins




  • Firstly you need to prep all your ingredients so you are ready to go when your tummy starts to rumble. Begin by cooking your rice as you would for any other dish, but you want it with a bit of crunch. You could also be cheeky and cheat with the ol’ microwave rice - completely up to you. Next up you need to start the paste, so get a food mixer/processor/blender ready for the ingredients. Into the food processor add the white pepper, garlic, shallots (roughly chopped), red chilli and oyster & soya sauce and blend until you get a paste.
  • Take your cabbage and thinly slice. Add these to a clean bowl. (If using large leafed spinach, slice thinly also, baby leafed spinach, leave whole.) Take a potato pealer and slice the carrot to create thin strips of carrot. Add to the cabbage.
  • Now your rice should be ready, so take off the heat and drain any excess ater. In a hot pan fry your paste – constantly stirring to avoid any burning. Add your rice and stir until it’s all coated. Lower the heat so it’s a gentle simmer. Add the vegetables and oyster/soya sauce and really mix together so everything is coated. Raise the heat gentle and stir fry for 1-2 minutes.
  • Add your small frozen prawns and combine well with the rice mixture. Pop the pan lid on for 3 minutes so the prawns soak up the flavour. To finish your dish, fry an egg and serve on top of the rice. I like to poach my egg too and pierce the yolk just before serving. If you have any fresh tomatoes left over, these are great quartered and added to the side for a fresh, juicy addition.
  • This dish could be made vegetarian and/or vegan. Simple remove the oyster sauce and replace with coconut oil. Leave the prawns out, and either keep simple or add any of your favourite vegetables such as mushrooms, peas, bean sprouts etc. Remove the egg for vegans, and replace with some fried tofu.