Hornswaggle Peachy Keen Ginger Mojito

"Ye'll be feelin' Peachy Keen after 'tis drink. Make a virgin version usin' a drop or a pair 'o rum extract 'n peach juice from th' canned peaches to equal 1/4 cup. Thank ye fer enjoyin' me feel jolly drink. Oh you ask why Hornswaggle because the canned peaches make it easy. Hornswaggle=cheat Also the blender makes it a cheating way so you don't have to muddle the goods. Woe ye all had as much a ruckas as I did wit' 'tis Contest? Raiders 'o th' Lost Pantry Cookin' Contest If ye didnt maybe ye need a drink? Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!"
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photo by Baby Kato
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photo by Baby Kato photo by Baby Kato
Ready In:




  • Place in a blender everything but 6 ice cubes, soda and garnishes.
  • Blend till smooth.Place three ice cubes into two tall glasses.
  • Divide the drink mix into both glasses.
  • Top with seltzer or lemon lime soda if you want more sweetness.
  • Garnish with mint leaves.
  • Fer th' band 'o pirates:

  • Place in a blender everythin' but 6 ice cubes, soda 'n garnishes. Blend till smooth.Place three ice cubes into a pair tall monocle. Divide th' drink mix into both monocle. Top wit' seltzer or lemon lime soda if ye want more sweetness. Garnish wit' mint leaves.
  • Blimey!

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  1. I really enjoyed this pretty gold cocktail, which looked just like pirate gold. The Mojito was bold, spicy and refreshing. So yummy. I used the lemon lime soda option and garnished with mint and sliced lime. Really nice use of contest ingredients, Good luck in the Contest.
  2. This was really good. I used 7-Up and chocolate mint from my garden (it was that or peppermint and I thought the chocolate mint would go better). I mis-read the directions (wasn't paying close enough attention) and put all the ice in the glass instead of blending some. Since I was only making one drink, I have some peach mix left so will make the other today, blended with the ice this time! Even though I messed it up slightly it was still good LOL Thanks for sharing and good luck in the contest! ~June 22, 2013 UPDATE: Have to add this was even better made the way it was intended, blended with the ice! :)
  3. Well shiver me timbers! I served this up on the main deck of the vessel Lady Cedar and me mate and I just enjoyed it very much. I used white rum and spearmint fresh from my garden back on me island. I will be making this again real soon! Good luck! Made for Raiders of the Lost Pantry Cooking Contest!
  4. This was so refreshing and such a great use of contest ingredients! Loved the kick of ginger. Will definitely make again over the summer. Thanks and good luck, chef.



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