Homemade V8 Juice (Raw Recipe)

"Recipe adapted from Raw Sacramento found online. Healthy, healthy, healthy!"
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  • Juice all veggies, add chili pepper and salt to taste.

Questions & Replies

  1. Would like to know just bought breville juicer and on this v8 juice how can I make a pitcher full never juiced before do I double ingredients thank you


  1. Good recipe. I was lite on the spinach and kale as they can be overpowering if too much is added. Not exactly like the canned tomato paste flavor of V8. This was better because you know it is fresh and not from concentrate. I definitely suggest having a good quality juicer. I use the Brevil Juice Fountain. It was around $300. Worth every penny if you are serious about juicing daily and want good quality. BTW, do not understand people that do not follow the recipe and then say they did not like it. There is a reason it is called a recipe, have the proper ingredients people! Thanks again!!
  2. I made this, and it was very tasty. I did not have carrots or bell pepper or kale, so I substituted a small tangerine and beet greens. I also used a Thai pepper instead of habanero, and a medium shallot for the sweet onion. The color and taste were not exactly like V8, but it was delicious nonetheless.
  3. First of all, I did not feel like dragging out my Greenstar juicer so I used my high-speed blender instead, making enough for I gallon in 3 batches. I did not use the exact amount stated in recipe of any of the ingredients but I did use every single ingredient called for except habanero pepper. I also added 1 cup water to each batch to facilitate blending and drinking. It does tend to separate and thicken more in the refrigerator, but a quick stir in the pitcher and it is good to go. I have been trying unsuccessfully to make homemade V-8 juice for several years now, so I am thrilled to report that this recipe is a delicious, refreshing adaptation that I love to drink.
  4. I haven't yet made it, but am giving it a five as it contains both vegetables that I like, and I like the spicy version of V8. I noticed that a lot of people really liked the juice, but said it fell short of the V8 flavor. In the case of something like this, I would follow the base recipe, but before you juice them, to write down the weight of the vegetables. 1) This is how a lot of baking and sausage/curing are done. And it allows you to keep track of how you adjust the taste for yourself or others.
  5. I'm going to give this 5 stars because it was pretty close to V8, even though I didn't have many of the ingredients. I also made much less juice (one glass), as this would make a lot of juice. I used 2 smaller carrots, 1 medium and 4 cherry tomatoes, 1 medium stalk of celery, 1/4 of a small orange pepper, and a small handful of fresh parsley and cilantro. That alone didn't taste too badly, but I decided to add a small scoop (maybe 1/2 tsp) of Judi's Seasoning Salt, which I have been using for years and have found that it makes many things taste like V8. The recipe is available on food.com. Thanks for this recipe!


  1. I did not have carrots or bell pepper or kale, so I substituted a small tangerine and beet greens. I also used a Thai pepper instead of habanero, and a medium shallot for the sweet onion.
  2. This is excellent, thanks for sharing the recipe. The only change I made was I added juice from 1 lemon. It added a little more tangy flavor which I really enjoy. I also took the advice of another reviewer and seasoned it with "Judi's seasoned salt" which can also be found on this site. It REALLY tastes like a healthier version of V-8 and is even better after the flavors blend in the fridge overnight. :-)<br/><br/>Update: <br/>I just made this for the second time. I halved all quantities because the first time I made this as followed and it made 64 ounces! This time I added a lime instead of a lemon and also juiced some cilantro. It was even better! Oh, and forgot to mention that I used a jalapeno instead of a habanero. Habaneros scare me. ;-)



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