Home Made “Mozart Kugeln”

READY IN: 2hrs 10mins
SERVES: 30-35
YIELD: 30 balls




  • Ground pistachio and add into 150 g marzipan and add one teaspoon of maraschino. Mix well to get green paste. Make small balls.
  • Cover the green balls with 200g marzipan to make a little bigger ball.
  • Melt sugar in a pan (Teflon) until brown. Roast the hazelnut. Add roasted hazelnut into still warm sugar and let it cool.
  • When cooled put sugar with hazelnut into blender and make rough mixture of sugar and hazelnut.
  • Now cover the marzipan balls with hazelnut/sugar mixture. If it won’t stuck, you may use some kind of hazelnut cream (I use Nutella) and then roll the balls into hazelnut/sugar.
  • When done, melt chocolate (with some butter) on steam and using toothpick dip the balls into chocolate.
  • Keep them in cool place, but not refrigerator.