Hawaiian Glazed Chicken Breasts

Hawaiian Glazed Chicken Breasts created by bugsbunnyfan

One of my favorite chicken recipes. I usually split the recipe into 2 seperate batches as the picky kids do not like green peppers.

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  • Heat oven to 400*.
  • Mix hot water and butter in bowl. Stir in dry stuffing mix, pepper, half the pineapple and syrup.
  • Spoon stuffing evenly on chicken; roll tightly, secure with toothpicks. Place in 9 inch square pan with any remaining stuffing in center.
  • Mix remaining pineapple and syrup, sugar, vinegar and ginger, spoon over chicken. Bake for 30 minutes or until thoroughly cooked.
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"One of my favorite chicken recipes. I usually split the recipe into 2 seperate batches as the picky kids do not like green peppers."

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  1. MaryAnn H.
    Made this a few times husband loves it and the left overs I make a chicken salad out of it it's really good..
  2. Deepfreeze-27
    We found the combination of the stuffing mix with the pineapple to be a bit odd. Also, rolling the chicken was a lot of work. I won't be making this again.
  3. CabinKat
    This was a nice change for stuffed chicken. I did this on the grill instead of in the oven (I LOVE grillin') & it came out very nice. I didn't use toothpicks, instead wrapped with oven string. Worked out very well. I didn't have enough leftover pineapple syrup to make a nice glaze so next time I will double, thicken a bit, and use as a nice syrup at the end. Thanks for the recipe!
  4. Clarely
    I'd give this 41/2 stars, but my husband would give it 5. I thought it was just a tad too sweet, but he liked it that way. We'll make it again though-it was pretty easy to do, and cooked in 30 min as promised. Impressive looking to slice into too. I added a slice of deli ham on top of the chicken before putting the stuffing on, which we thought worked well. Thanks for this new and creative way to make chicken!
  5. Sydney Mike
    What a great, refreshing chicken dinner, & with great presentation, too! Rolled breasts like this make guests think you've gone to a lot of work, when, in fact, putting it all together is fairly simple! One thing I did change ~ I doubled the sauce ingredients then set aside half of it in a serving bowl so that guests could spoon on additional amounts if desired! I served it with brown rice & a peas/carrots side, & the pineapple sauce went well over everything! Thanks much for this great recipe!

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