Hacked Biscuits, Quick & Easy!

Recipe by Mortinus
READY IN: 14mins




  • The magic to these biscuits is using VERY light pressure when handling the dough, and kneading/folding no more than 7 times! It will BARELY look like biscuits but this is fine trust me!
  • Combine 3 cups flour, 1 heaping handful of baking powder, 1 small handful powdered sugar, and 3 pinches of salt in a large bowl. Mix well to distribute.
  • Add one stick softened butter/margarine. "Cut" into dry ingredients with a fork, flicking your wrist much like beating eggs. Continue breaking butter into flour until you have pea-sized particles.
  • Whisk one egg with one cup milk. Make a fist and punch a valley into the dry mixture. Add about 2/3 of the egg/milk mixture. Take a spatula and pull flour from the edges of the bowl inward to the milk. Remember to be GENTLE! You are now trying to build air for fluffy biscuits!
  • Add the rest of the egg/milk mixture and ensure an even distribution of dry to wet. A good consistency is not-sticky, but almost. You can add pinches of flour if you need to!
  • Grab a handful of flour and fling it on the counter. Drop the dough onto the surface, and begin kneading it easily about 7 times. You can do this by taking the rear portion of the dough, pulling it towards you, and "folding" or pushing it down towards the counter. Repeat this 7 times!
  • Once you have barely formed some dough, pat it out very gently into a rectangle. Dust it lightly with flour, and cut it into 8 squares with a VERY sharp knife.
  • Dust, butter, or spray a cooking sheet and preheat oven to 400°F.
  • Place the biscuits very close to each other, maybe 1/4" gap. Cook until tops are golden brown and the center is no longer doughy. You may have to separate mid-way through baking due to the very surprising amount of leavening action these biscuits have.
  • Enjoy and make many more.