Habanero Honey

"Warning, when handling habaneros, wear rubber gloves and glasses or goggles. When cooking, always cover or use the stove vent fan. The honey acts as a preservative, allowing you to use the peppers to cook with through the winter and the peppers prevent the honey from crystallizing. The honey makes for a unique spread on toast or muffins. The honey can also be used as part of a glaze for turkey, ham, or pork roast. Michael D. King. ICQ 12724999."
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Ready In:
1 cup




  • Take a sterilized canning jar (I use 8 oz jelly jars) and fill half way up with honey.
  • Stuff as many pepper halves as you can into the jar, taking care not to trap air.
  • Fill the the rest of the jar with honey and put on lid tightly. Don't worry about the seal, you'll be opening it again before you're done.
  • Vibrate the jar(s) to allow any trapped air to get to the top (I put my jars on top of the washer during the spin cycle).
  • Allow to sit for 2 or 3 days.
  • Open the jars to release any trapped air/outgassing from the peppers, reseal and store in a cool dry place.

Questions & Replies

  1. Why does the honey have to be unpasteurized?


  1. I work in an instatutional place. We are alowed to serve what ever we want. I was telling them about the habenero honey. So we tryed it. They are eating it on everything. Didn't have fresh pepper so we used frozen one's. They work just as good. Used 8 small peppers to 1 quart of honey. If you like sweet then heat this is very good.It not stay way from it.
  2. Weird but yummy! The texture it watery because the acids in the peppers break down the honey. I left the seeds in and think it's great. We've been eating this on crackers, but I'd like to try it on other things too some time. Just not sure what. Maybe corn bread. Yum!<br/><br/>Update: VERY good after 4/5 days. The honey is still a little runny, but a lot thicker than the first couple days. I couldn't get enough of this stuff when we had it sitting out. We put out crackers and vanilla waffers for people to dip in it. I had a lot of heart burn issues the next morning but it was worth it! Yum =] Do nooooot serve to anyone that does not like spice or cannot be near a restroom the next morning (sorry, but just trying to give fair warning). We'll definitely be making more of this.



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