Grilled Lobster Tail Pouches With Mango Butter

READY IN: 30mins
YIELD: 4 Pouches




  • Butter -- I love to make the butter ahead of time to let all the flavors combine. Make it earlier that day or even the night before. You can use whatever method you want. Personally, I use my small food processor, but a small mixer works well as does a potato masher or fork to break up the mango. Just mix the mango, shallot (chop the shallot fine, if you are mixing this by hand), honey, lime juice and cilantro. A pinch of salt if you like and simple refrigerate.
  • If you have leftover, don't worry. It is wonderful on fish, scallops are amazing, so are shrimp and even chicken breasts.
  • Lobster Packets -- I like to use heavy duty aluminum foil, or just a double sheet, but I drizzle a little olive oil on the inside of the package which prevents the onion and mango from sticking. You don't need much, just 1 teaspoon at the most.
  • Put 1 lobster tail in the center of each foil pouch and surround it with the mango and onion slices, and just a pinch of the red pepper flakes. Go easy, just a light pinch (you can always leave that out if you don't like the heat). Spread the mango butter (generously) over the lobster. Don't worry if a little spills over into the mango and onions. Top the lobster with 1 lime slice and wrap up your foil pouch like a little package. NOTE: Wrap up the packages, so after 20 minutes you can easily open and take a peak that the tails are done.
  • Grill -- I use medium to medium high heat. Grill about 20 minutes.
  • Serve -- Since your grilling the lobster, why not also make some potatoes in a pouch and grilled asparagus or green beans for a easy NO clean up dinner. The grilled mango, onion and red pepper is a nice easy side.