Grandma's Boiled Chicken

"This is the base recipe I use to make chicken and noodles, chicken and dumplings and chicken with rice soup. You can use the chicken for any recipe that calls for cooked chicken and freeze the broth in one cup servings for any recipe that calls for chicken broth."
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Ready In:
1hr 10mins




  • Wash chicken well. Place all ingredients in large pot. Cover with water.
  • Cover and bring to boil over high heat. Set lid at angle so steam can escape from pot. Lower heat to gentle boil and cook for 1-1 1/2 hours. Add more water if needed.
  • When meat is falling off the bone, remove from heat. Remove chicken from broth and let cool. Once cool, remove skin and bones and discard. Chop or shred meat.
  • Strain broth and cool in fridge until fat hardens on top. Remove fat and discard. Freeze unused broth for future use.

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  1. Bruce G.
    Its been nearly sixty years since I tasted my grandma's boiled chicken but now it's time to revisit this regular Sunday after church winter meal. Grandma's recipe was prepared differently from what I have read here because the vegetables were cooked separately - often roasted or boiled. Grandma's chicked was stuffed with a bread based seasoning that included, onion, herbs, parsley, salt and pepper all stuffed into the chickens body cavity then sewn closed with thread. The prepared chicken was introduced to a large pot of boiling water, allowed to cook until done. The lovely tasting broth was an after school treat for the kids and an accompanyment to the evening meal. Today is Sunday and we have a chicken to prepare as my recollection allows and with a big thanks to grandma for presenting her family with some great tasting chicken.
  2. MountainMan4Life
    Good recipe! My only question is why on earth would Grandma discard the fat from the broth? Grandma's know that's the best part!
  3. Stephanie S.
    Oh wow! I used this today to make some broth and I needed cooked chicken for a recipe tonight. Decieded to cook a whole chicken and freeze the extra meat and broth. This tastes wonderful. Full of flavor. Thank you so much for showing me the way to wonderful broth.
  4. sharol46
    Great basic recipe. I raise chickens, so I have all those pesky cockerels every year. I mostly use them for chicken noodles since they are pretty young when they are butchered. This is the best recipe I've seen for boiling the chicken. I'm keeping this one bookmarked for further use.
  5. Anonymous
    Agree Mountainman


  1. sharol46
    I didn't use the bay leaves because I didn't have any, but I did use a combination of poultry seasoning and Italian seasoning instead. I didn't discard the fat, but I didn't intentionally use it either. That said, he was a very lean bird and there was little fat. I also boiled the bird longer than necessary. I kept the carrots with the broth and meat and put them in the
  2. Brid Ann C.
    I add 4 large Potato's with skins removed and sliced thinly, 2 large parsnips and 6 large carrots & large onion and some Thyme. I use whole chicken with the skin left on and remove the chicken when cooked & discard the skin. I then blitz the vegetables and add a cup of oats, bring it back to the boil. Serve with boiled spuds and the chicken..... My Grandma's Recipe (Ireland)..... Cook 2 chickens if you have kids like mine that love this. Whatever is leftover, place in a covered container in the fridge and serve reheated for a wholesome lunch the day after with some Irish Soda Bread .Sláinte


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