Genuine Italian Tiramisu

READY IN: 12hrs 30mins




  • Divide the eggs white from the eggs yolk.
  • Add sugar to the eggs yolk.
  • Whip the eggs yolk and sugar until you get a white cream.
  • Add gradually with tablespoon the mascarpone cheese and blend well.
  • Put aside the Mascarpone cream you got.
  • Beat the eggs white with a blender to stiff peaks.
  • Add the stiff peaks to the mascarpone cream using a tablespoon.
  • Blend gently always in one direction.
  • Make the Italian espresso coffee (better if you can use a classic Moka machine) and put in a bowl.
  • Add to the coffee bowl, two tablespoon of sugar and two tablespoon of Marsala.
  • Cool the coffee to tepid temperature.
  • Pour the first layer of Mascarpone cream in a glass baking dish of medium size.
  • Dunk Savoiardi in the coffee one by one and, put horizontally above the cream in the glass baking dish.
  • Repeat the last two steps for a second layer.
  • After adding the Mascarpone chees above the last Savoiardi layer, cover with the cocoa powder.
  • Cover the glass baking dish (usually I use aluminium foil) and put in the refrigerator at least for 12 hours.