Garlic Cajun Crab

READY IN: 40mins




  • Once u have you crab clean all up set it in a pan . Once crabs are place in pan, in a separate pot u will add ur wine. Preferably I like to use Chardonnay. About a half of cup! Once the wine is added then u will place two stick of salted butter. Let it melt slowly u Dnt want it to burn. For the garlic u can place as much garlic as u desire. One garlic is added. Add ur parsley. Let all this simmer for about 8 mins on low heat.
  • Once it simmers pour your liquid mixture right on top of your crab start in the middle of the body first! And then on the outer shell.
  • Once all the mixture is gone slice up your lemon place one slice on each crab. Then add your green onion and parsley. Sprinkle ground black pepper on top and your old bay last this should go over the whole crab remember this product does have salt as well so be careful not to put to much once u complete that place in oven on 375 for 15-20 minute.