Frozen Chocolate Mousse Cake

"Adapted from a French cookbook, I cannot believe how something this delicious can be so easy to make. And the results are truly magnificent. Decorate nicely, and you could swear this came from a big French Patisserie. By the way, the recipe says that the cake and the sauce both can be frozen for one month. The cake and sauce are unsuitable to microwave. MMM....When I made this me and my hubby finished it in one go, and he doesn't even like chocolate that much!"
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photo by kiwidutch
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  • Line an ungreased deep 20cm round cake pan w/greaseproof paper-do not grease paper.
  • Melt combined chocolate and butter in heatproof bowl over hot water, or microwave.
  • Cool to room temperature.
  • Combine eggs and sugar in bowl, beat w/electric mixer until thick and creamy, fold in sifted flour.
  • Then fold in chocolate mixture.
  • Pour mixture into prepared pan, bake at 180°C/350°F/gas mark 4-for 20mins or until cake is crusty on top and soft in the centre.
  • Leave cake to become cold in pan.
  • Cover cake pan w/foil and freeze for several hours or overnight.
  • Just before serving, place cake pan in hot water to loosen cake (for me this step wasn't necessary, I used foil instead of greaseproof paper to line my pan, and enough of it was hanging over for me to just cover the cake and freeze, which I just later pulled, and the cake came out w/it! No hot water dipping!) Invert cake onto serving dish and fill centre w/extra fresh fruit if desired.
  • BERRY SAUCE: Blend or process berries w/icing sugar until smooth, strain.
  • Pour berry sauce over slices cut, and serve-- Mmmm.

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  1. I have to admit, I was rather sceptical about this recipe. It just didn't seem to have enough ingredients. My ladies I served it to were overwhelmed by its pure chocolate flavor. The cake is crunchy on the outside, somewhat difficult to cut, but well worth the wait. I cut the cake and set it on a plater covered with rasberry/strawberry puree (no seeds)and surrounded the cake with fresh cut strawberries and topped it with a few too. It looked beautiful on the table and the platter was licked clean by the guests. Thanks Fandoos. This recipe is a keeper.
  2. this is great! i used less than 1 tbsp of granulated sugar because i didnt have caster sugar. very decadent but super easy too. thanks for a great dessert!
  3. Fandoos, This recipe *almost* got 2 or 3 stars from me because you said "freeze several hours or overnight"... but didn't mention if it should be eaten directly from frozen or not. I froze it overnight and served it frozen because I assumed from the title of the recipe that that's what was required. It wasn't rock hard, but it wasn't soft either. To be honest everyone hated it... all of us, to a person. Even DH who will persevere with every desert I've ever set before him pushed his plate away. It was the texture that we all strongly objected to... so much so that I *almost* threw it away. Luckily I put the unserved slices on a plate in the fridge (thinking I would see if I could selvage it for next evenings dessert in some way) WELL, I took it out next day and noticed that it was much softer.. It caught my interest, I took a spoon and sampled a corner of one of the slices...Wow! from disaster to divine in one step ! It was georgous !!! I cut my "sampled" slice into bits and went around the family and house guests and they sampled it me, they were all amazed at the transformation, and they were all quick to help themselves to more. It dissapeared like lightening, they all wanted me to make it again.. soon ! If anyone wants to make this, please don't make the mistake of serving this frozen.. let it thaw a bit and soften .. it definiately makes a world of difference to the texture of the recipe. Please see my rating system... after a very shaky start, and *almost* a sad misadventure, this recipe deserves 5 stars ! I will be making it again SOON due to popular demand. Thanks !!!
  4. I made this with Hershey Kisses and egg whites only. IT WAS Perfect. The other change I made was to bake in mini-loaf silicone pans and glass custard cups. Both worked well, and made for very nice single servings. Next time, I will make it 6 servings because the mix does rise when baked, and it was over the edge on the cups.
  5. I gave this 5 stars because it was delicious and turned out beautifully, but please be aware that this is not really a cake but a giant truffle! It is so rich and intense - if you cut a medium size slice it is like eating a handful of dense chocolate fudge. That being said (because it was a little intense for my own personal taste), this cake is not only decadent but it is super easy to make and looks elegant too. You could serve it to a large group because a small slice would be perfect after a good meal! I actually used salted butter and it was fine, and since I didn't know what caster sugar was I used Baker's sugar (which is finer than normal white sugar). For the raspberry sauce I thawed a bag of frozen raspberries in the microwave and stirred in some Cointreau and a little sugar. No blending required and it was wonderful! ALSO: good chocolate can be very expensive, but for those who live near a Trader Joe's I got an enormous 17.5 ounce dark chocolate bar for $3.99, and it was delicious!


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