Fried Boiled Eggs

Fried Boiled Eggs created by Bergy

I tried it in my husband's relatives house and it was good... simple and quick if you have any immediate guests...

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  • Make around six slits on the eggs, do not go deep into the egg white, otherwise it would split.
  • Mix the chilli powder, turmeric powder, lemon juice, salt and pepper into a paste, add little water if necessary.
  • Roll the eggs and coat it properly.
  • Leave for a couple of minutes for the mixture to properly coat.
  • Heat pan and pour oil, let it heat.
  • Fry the eggs till golden brown.
  • Serve with ketchup.
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@Rafee Shami
@Rafee Shami
"I tried it in my husband's relatives house and it was good... simple and quick if you have any immediate guests..."

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  1. shardekopf
    This recipe needs specifics. We have fans and candles going to take away the burnt smell. First, the lemon juice to paste ratio started as a sauce, and became a paste as more ingredients were added. Next, no oil amount was offered. Therefore, when my teens made this, they attempted to deep fry the eggs, which created smoke. The unburnt eggs were flavorful, but more specifics would be helpful.
  2. random_newbie
    Brilliant recipe! My lemon was a little juicy, so I added some flour to make it into a paste. My family just loves this recipe.
  3. Bergy
    Fried Boiled Eggs Created by Bergy
  4. Bergy
    Fried Boiled Eggs Created by Bergy
  5. Bergy
    I cannot give the recipe stars because I feel that two things went wrong. I followed the recipe exactly however I think that my lemon was too juicy - The spice/lemon mixture was not a paste but rather a liquid so I had problems getting it to adhere to the egg. I think it may be wise to put an amount of lemon juice to be used in the recipe, Secondly there was no amount of oil to use when frying the egg - I used apprx 2 tbsp, I think that more should be used. With the amount of oil I used it took a long time for the eggs to brown which reulted in a rather rubbery texture to the outside of the egg. I would like to try this recipe again with corrected amounts of lemon juice and oil. I think if the spice mixture was thicker than mine it will give more flavor to the egg. Interesting recipe

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