Fran's Fantastic Spaghetti

"This is a spaghetti recipe for those who crave something heartier than just noodles and a runny sauce. It has been in my family for many generations, and is the best Italian spaghetti I've ever tried. However, this is not a recipe for any day, it does take huge amounts of time, so I suggest making it on a special occasion, or a nice romantic meal. You will need a large pan or stock pot to cook this recipe. Also, it is best to "half cook" the sausage and meatballs before actually adding them to the sauce, because if you do not, they will actually disintegrate and you'll be left with a spaghetti soup :P I've posted this as a 3-4 servings, if your using it as a main course and adding garlic bread and salad, you could easily get 5 servings, maybe more."
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Ready In:
5hrs 45mins




  • Chop up bell pepper & onion.
  • Crush garlic or chop very finely.
  • Cut sausages into 3/4-inch sections.
  • Also, start shaping your meatballs from mixture (meatballs should be be about a 1-inch sphere).
  • Preheat grill on a moderate heat (I suggest using a grill to precook your sausages and meatballs, rather than a frying pan).
  • In stock pot on a moderate heat, empty diced tomatoes, tomato paste, onion, bell pepper, parsley, oregano, basil & garlic (Depending on juice in diced tomatoes, you may need to add a bit of water here, remember, you don't want this to be too runny; it will cook down, but you want to add water gradually).
  • While spaghetti sauce is heating up, grill sausages and meatballs until the outside is brown, and insides still a bit pink.
  • Now add your sausages & meatballs into spaghetti sauce (If you don't have enough room on grill to cook both at the same time, don't worry, just cook the sausages first and add them, then continue with the meatballs).
  • Now the spaghetti sauce should be starting to "take"; Add salt and pepper to taste (Be careful, it will be hot).
  • Add ketchup, this is to taste also, Ketchup gives it a bit of a kick, which is good in certain amounts, but can overpower the spaghetti if you're not careful.
  • Place lid on spaghetti and continue cooking for 5-7 hours (the longer the better) Make sure you stir spaghetti regularly, and add water as needed.
  • Cook pasta according to directions on the packet & drain.
  • When preparing the spaghetti, it's best to add your ricotta cheese to the hot noodles and mix gently so it melts in with it (Some people don't like the look of little white cheese bits in their spaghetti, hence the optional).
  • Top with large amounts of spaghetti sauce, including the wonderful meatballs and sausage.
  • Sprinkle parmesan over the top of spaghetti.
  • Enjoy!

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I'm currently a college student, living with my father. After spending 21 years eating nothing but country food and spaghetti I'm desperate to try new dishes! I love to cook and thankfully my dad and my boyfriend love to eat! :)
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