Fish Bowl Jello!

Recipe by love4culinary
READY IN: 6hrs


  • 4
    envelopes gelatin (I use knox)
  • blue curacao (amount depends on how much you want to put in!!!)
  • purple endive or fennel, leaves (and other edible things that will look good as foliage in a tank!)
  • gummy fish
  • 1
    package jelly beans
  • uncooked spaghetti (for placing items in jello)


  • Mix gelatin according to package directions, substituting curacao for water in the ratio that you wish.
  • Place the jelly beans in the bowl.
  • When gelatin is cool, BUT NOT SET, pour it slowly into the Fish bowl.
  • Be careful not to move the candies around, because the coloring may run.
  • Allow to cool for just a little while (you dont want stiff gelatin when trying to place fish and foliage in bowl).
  • When gelatin is just starting to set (ie: its not watery... set just enough to hold something in place) add your"foliage" and fishies, placing them where you want them with strands of spaghetti (helpful when moving things around.. so your gelatin isnt destroyed hehe).
  • Refrigerate your fish bowl until you wish to serve it.
  • We had a few of these at a beach party and people loved them!
  • You can also make this with colored gelatin, minus the curacao for kids.
  • Without the alcohol-- it is a HIT with the kids be careful though.
  • they like to"dive" in to get the candy hahaha!