Faux Pavlova

"Here is the story :) As an Aussie living "Up Over" (in the US) I asked help my 11 year old niece make Pavlova for her report on Australian Christmas Traditions & food. The report was handed in & then I got the urgent call from my Brother. As part of her report she was to make a "Pav" & serve it to her class. She had handed in her report with a traditional Pavlova recipe. It serves 6-8 people. Her class is comprised of 32 kids required to taste some Aussie "Chrissy" traditional tucker (food). If you have ever made a Pav, you know it takes a LOT of work. For an inexperienced 11 year old making the meringue base/crust, it's tough stuff & I was not up to the challenge helping her make five of them. Then possums (as Dame Edna would say), a stroke of brilliance struck me & we decided to try and fake it! To my surprise it worked! YEAH MATE! Tastes really close to the real deal. I've uploaded some pics to show the Mini Faux Pav we made to test the recipe out, & then the final result as made by my niece."
photo by Aussie-In-California photo by Aussie-In-California
photo by Aussie-In-California
photo by Aussie-In-California photo by Aussie-In-California
photo by Aussie-In-California photo by Aussie-In-California
photo by Aussie-In-California photo by Aussie-In-California
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  • Line bottom and sides of a 9" x 13" of a glass pyrex baking dish with crushed meringues (a trifle bowl would also work well). Spread the remaining meringues evenly over whole meringue base.
  • Microwave each jar of Kraft Marshmallow Creme for 20 seconds each and then spread carefully over meringue with silicone scraper in an even layer. Let sit for at least 2 hours the meringues and marshmallow to meld. Trust me this is the only tricky bit to the whole recipe.
  • Clean and slice up all the fruit except for the passion fruit and/or mango puree and set aside. Keeping each fruit separated from the other.
  • In a large bowl or electric mixer whip cream till stiff peaks form and then gently fold in vanilla and powdered sugar. Spread whipped cream evenly over marshmallow creme layer. (If you are good with a piping bag then you can save some of the whipped cream to decorate the outside edge or used canned "spray" cream.).
  • Passion fruit pulp: I used canned (170 gm John West), or you can puree some fresh mango. Drizzle to cover over whipped cream layer and then decorate with fruit. It will keep n the fridge for about 2 more hours but is best served immediately after decorating.

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I am an Aussie and moved to Southern California in 1991. I have a very sarcastic sense of humour and my talents lie in being intuitive, singing, and eating. I have traveled all over the world and have lived in many locations. I spent the most time in Melbourne Australia ), Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Southern California, New York and Harrisburg PA. If you were to ask me what I love &/or miss about each place my first choice would ALWAYS be the food. My hobbies are acquiring lots of environmental, and medical allergies. <---- Joking but I am super sensitive and so I can be a big pain in the bum to cook for. I guess that is why I love to cook. I know exactly what is going into my mouth and not have to worry about keeping my epipen or inhaler in close reach.
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