Fast Easy Horchata

"I got this recipe from a friend from work, and she got it from a Mexican restaurant. This is in other words "rice water" it tastes like a rice pudding drink.The original recipe requires you to use actual rice, but this is a fast, refreshing version. The rice flour can be found at your local grocery store in the hispanic isle. Tip: I like to use the pitcher to mix everything well with a spoon and the put the finished drink in an empty milk gallon container and give it all a good shake."
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Ready In:
1 gallon




  • Fill a measured pitcher with 3 cups of water. Add rice flour, vanilla, cinnamon and mix well.
  • This will ensure there aren't any clumps.
  • Add the rest of the water to the 1 gallon measure line, condensed milk and sugar (to taste) Stir and mix well. Enjoy!

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  1. This is a fabulous recipe for quick horchata. After being in the fridge overnight(giving a few stirs and shakes) just pour off the liquid since the rice flour sinks and you have a nice horchata without shaking. Im glad i found this recipe and with my kiddo being allergic to cinnamon its easy to omit or make another batch just for her. I love it this is my third batch.
  2. This tastes great! It needs to be stirred or shaken before each serving but the flavor is pretty authentic.
  3. This was way faster then making it the old fasioned way. I only used 3 quarters of a gallon since it seemed like it was already watered down and I added about 3/4 cup sugar. I really liked it with the sweetened condensed milk. Very easy to make.
  4. So yummy - thanks for posting!


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