Emeril's Cajun Water

"Because where he gets his water, it don't come seasoned."
Emeril's Cajun Water created by PalatablePastime
Ready In:
2hrs 5mins



  • Place water in saucepan- very simple; this ain't rocket science, folks.
  • Use your knob to heat the water on low (turn the heat up if you don't have 2 hours to spend, but-2 hours is really a food of love thing; drinking 2 beers ought to do it).
  • (I said to myself: self!) relax and get one of those cold frozen things- it will make you happy, happy, happy.
  • Don't jack the fire up to high unless you are on good terms with the fire department (but if you do start a fire- don't run out as fast as you can to remodel your house- stick around!).
  • That's what those lines are on there for.
  • Heat to a boil- oh yeah babe (really hot!).
  • Season with salt, pepper, and Essence (BAM!).
  • Fork a lemon if it turns you on.
  • Add a pinch of cinnaminnamom to kick it up a notch.
  • You could put in 30-40 cloves of garlic, or a ham hock, because pork fat rules!
  • Add a teaspoon of heavy cream if it thrills you, because somebody has to keep the Dairy Farmers of America in business.
  • And there you have it- use water where called for in Cajun recipes.
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"You know me as Sue L or Sue Lau. I write a food blog at palatablepastime.com which specializes in Midwestern, Amish, Southern, and Ethnic recipes. Most of which are my own recipes. There are a few there that aren't, but not many. And really, since the best of my recipes here are my recipes, it tells me you guys like me just a teensy bit. ;) I post all my latest stuff on my blog including new recipes, updates to older recipes and (hopefully) much better photos. So don't be shy in dropping by. If you like my stuff here you will LOVE my stuff there. Seriously."

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  1. PalatablePastime
    Emeril's Cajun Water Created by PalatablePastime
  2. PalatablePastime
    Emeril's Cajun Water Created by PalatablePastime
  3. PalatablePastime
    Emeril's Cajun Water Created by PalatablePastime
  4. PalatablePastime
    Emeril's Cajun Water Created by PalatablePastime
  5. EdsGirlAngie
    5 stars for the humor... but you must have missed the part where the audience groans at the amount of butter or fat used, and E! justifies it by saying "Hey, it feeds 10 people!" and everyone becomes semi-rational about the whole thing; then they're distracted by the strange cholesterol glow. Next, E!'s house band performs (my husband still marvels at this "Tonight Show" aspect of the whole thing) and all is good.

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