Elitetwig's First Time Guide to Ice a Christmas Cake.

READY IN: 72hrs


  • 500
  • 1
    kg royal icing (ready to roll)
  • 25
    g apricot jam
  • 12
    teaspoon yellow food coloring


  • If you have thawed your Christmas Cake please de-thaw prior to using this guide. If you have your Christmas Cake ready -- Let's go.
  • Warm Apricot Jam through until it sightly bubbles. Either on the hob or in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. Set this aside.
  • Dust surface with a little icing sugar.
  • Roll out marzipan, dusting now and then, to desired size enough to cover cake top and sides.
  • Brush Cake with Apricot Jam, this ensures marzipan will stick.
  • Lift onto rolling pin and smooth out over cake, so it sticks to cake.
  • Trim excess.
  • Wrap Cake in clingfilm and leave for marzipan to harden for 2 days. Please store in a dry cool place.
  • Remove clingfilm, and brush marzipan surface with water.
  • Prepare royal icing as described in steps 3, 4 and 6, 7.
  • With excess icing roll into a ball and create a whole in the centre add drop of yellow food colouring and work the icing, dusting with icing sugar to prevent sticking.
  • Once the icing has a consistent light yellow colour, roll out icing to a 1/2 cm thickness all over.
  • Take a star shape cookie cutter (or any other shape you prefer) and cut as many stars as you can, re roll icing if more stars needed.
  • Brush the back of the stars with water (not too much just enough to stick) and arrange on cake.
  • At edges press stars down and trim any excess such as points that go over the edge.
  • Once all stars have been placed, leave cake for 24hours so icing can harden.
  • Dada! On professionally looking Christmas Cake! Well Done!