EASY Jack 'O Lantern Cake

READY IN: 1hr 10mins
SERVES: 10-14


  • 2
    of your favorite bundt cake (use mixes or your own homade bundt recipes)
  • cooking spray
  • 1 12
    recipe buttercream frosting (tinted orange) or 2 cans orange frosting
  • 1
    bag of carmel candy corn


  • also use: empty toilet paper roll (or empty papertowel roll) OR 1 large lite brown frosted cupcake green crepe paper, or fake leaf garland or if using the cupcake,,pipe on green colored vine and leaves Bake 2 bundt cakes (using 1 bundt pan twice or using 2 bundt cake pans according to box instructions).
  • put one bundt cake upside down on serving plate.
  • frost the top and place 2nd bundt cake on first bundt cake-- right side up-- this is your pumpkin Make your favorite buttercream frosting and tint pumpkin orange (or use 2 cans prepared frosted either orange or you tint it orange) Frost entire'pumpkin' to decorate wrap the empty toilet paper roll (or papertowel roll cut in half) with foil or wax paper.
  • put covered roll in the hole on top of cake cut a dozen or so strips from green crepe paper and put in hole in top to look like vines.
  • Or, us artificial leaves& vines.
  • Or, place a brown or tan frosted cupcake upside down in hole on top and using green frosting, pipe stem and leaves down and around cupcake for eyes, nose, and mouth on pumpkin, arrange the candy corn to your liking Put additional candy corn around bottom of cake, alternating one up, the next upside down, etc all round cake.