Diet Soda Cake or Cupcakes With Frosting

"The popular Diet Soda Cake! I invented a frosting for this cake that is light and creamy and really great. You can make a frosting for it if you'd like, but you really do not need it. YOU MUST STORE THIS CAKE IN THE FRIDGE ESPECIALLY IF YOU USE THE FROSTING! This cake, including the icing, freezes wonderfully! A 2"x2" piece is 2 points (approx. 100 cals and a scant 1/2g fat). The frosting is free for one serving, but is 1/2 point for 2 servings."
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Ready In:
1 Cake




  • CAKE: Stir the soda into the cake mix - nothing else; no eggs, no oil just diet soda. Spray a 9x13 baking pan w/baking spray and bake according to cake mix directions. If making cupcakes, place liners in a muffin pan and use a standard ice cream scoop to place one level portion into each cup. Approximately, 1/4 cup.
  • FROSTING: Fold the pudding into the cool whip. Add half the milk and keep adding a as much of the remaining milk as you'd like to get the consistency you prefer. Frost COMPLETELY COOL cake. Cut into 2"x2" square servings and serve.

Questions & Replies

  1. If i don't use icing how many points is it? I'm using a slice cake.
  2. I was excited to try a light frosting for this cake, but you have the “sugar free fat free” pudding amount as THREE ounces... most SF/FF box puddings are ONE oz...and being the trusting soul I am, I used THREE boxes of pudding. Needless to say, my frosting turned out as heavy as LEAD. Perhaps it should read ONE oz. SF/FF pudding OR 3 oz regular?? Please fix this! Thanks!!


  1. Four Stars-Five stars for flavor, three stars because the cupcake stuck to the liner and crumbled apart easily. I have made a sheet cake using diet soda and it turned out fine so I think I'll stick with that and stear away from the cupcake idea. They taste great so I'll be eating mine over a plate to catch all the crumbs. I won't waste I bit!! Yum!
  2. I used what I had on hand which was a white confetti cake mix and diet cherry coke and it was awesome with and without frosting!
  3. Yummie!!! I've done this twice now - both layer cakes. The first one, I used chocolate fudge cake mix and diet coke. Then for the icing I used chocolate fudge pudding. This taste too good to be so low in fat and calories!! For the second one, I used lemon cake mix, lemon pudding and diet sprite. This time I got a little creative. I made 1/2 the amount of icing for the top and sides. In between the layers, I put the other 1/2 of the box of pudding (mixed with milk) and then a layer of homemade raspberry coulis. I know it increased the points some, but it was incredible! I can't believe I've never heard of something like this before! What a winner!!!



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