Deep Fried Oreos

"I had these at a local county fair and just had to try to make them. They are delicious.You can substitute your favorite dry pancake mix for the Bisquick. They are best when eaten warm. If you are want to try a lighter version, use lowfat milk, canola oil, and reduced fat Oreos."
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Ready In:
52 cookies


  • 1 (20 ounce) package Oreo cookies
  • 2 cups Bisquick
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 12 cups milk
  • 3 teaspoons oil
  • vegetable oil (enough for deep frying)


  • Blend Bisquick, eggs, milk, and 3 tsp oil until smooth.
  • Preheat your deep fryer to about 375°F (use a thermometer if you wish to deep fry in a pan).
  • Dip the cookies in the batter mixture until totally covered and then place in the hot oil (cookies will float).
  • Keep checking and turn over the cookie when bottom side of Oreo is brown.
  • Keep a close watch because it only takes a short time to brown.
  • Remove cookies and eat warm.

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  1. I was hesitant to try this as it just sounded strange to me but I will say I was surprised by how good they were! I disagree with many of the reviewers who said the batter was too thin. Maybe if you use regular pancake batter it would be but if you use bisquick as called for, which I did, the batter is not runny at all. Everyone who tried these liked them but I think we all agreed we still like regular oreos more, hence the 4 star rating. It was fun and easy to make though and I'm proud I can say I've had deep fried oreos:)
  2. I tried this a few years ago, and what I found worked even better is if you refrigerate the batter for 30 minutes before you use it with the oreos. It gives a nice consistent and thick coating.
  3. OK, we've been curious about these since the first time we heard they existed. When I saw this recipe I knew we had to try. The batter was perfect and they fried beautifully. What a huge hit! I served them on a platter sprinkled with powdered sugar. DH had his with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Thanks Scott!
  4. im 16 years old and made this recipe for my family and they were a huge success! they tasted so great, even my stepdad loved them and he dislikes most sweets. ill definitely make them again
  5. I really enjoy this recipe, I paiy around $8.00 dollars for the Oreos, bisquick, milk, and eggs. The fluffiness of your Oreos solely depends on the thickness of your batter. I found that using more batter increases the size and gives volume to get fluffier Oreos. They melt in your mouth giving you enough room to eat a mountain of deliciousness leaving you sinking in your couch thinking "oh my gosh I think I can feel my blood being pumped through my heart." Haha


  1. Yes I have made these for years usually at christmas. Everyone stands around smacking thier lips begging for more. I read the reviews and have never tried using snickers but I bet they are just as fantastic as the oreo's are. Try them you will be hooked! Oh and I usually use funnel cake batter instead of bisquick.



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