Crunchy Chocolate Cookies

"Here is a recipe that I took in a French book for healthy recipes. This one is made with cocoa, so less calories. Only 56 calories per cookie (that's what is written in the book)"
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Ready In:
30 cookies




  • In a big bowl, mix rolled oats, flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder and salt. Stir well.
  • In a small bowl, whisk together the egg whites, corn syrup and vanilla.
  • Add the mixture of egg whites to the mixture in the big bowl and mix. The dough should be very dense. Incorporate the rice crispies.
  • Let drop the dough to the spoon on a non-stick baking sheet (or you can put some oil on the baking sheet).
  • Cook in a preheated oven of 350 F for 9 to 11 minutes.

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  1. This is a decent cookie for a low fat no-butter version and I am rating it as such. The dough really is very dense and I found it somewhat difficult to mix it up without using my hands, then ended up for dough enough for 2 cookies stuck to my hands. 9 minutes was good for my oven. Made for Holiday tag.
  2. These are great for being low-cal and fat-free, and I'm rating them as such. The texture and decadence isn't what you get from a full fat, high-cal cookie and I didn't expect it. These are just a really nice treat to have when you want to have a healthier sweet snack. 9 minutes was perfect for mine. Thanks!
  3. Took these to the DS's adult recreation music group and they were enjoyed. I got 25 from the mix and they baked at 170C fan forced oven for 12 minutes. The DD tried one not long after they had cooled down and said it was nice and crunchy with a chewy centre, very nice. Thank you Boomette, made for Adopt A Tag.
  4. Loved your cookies, possibly because they ARE a bit different, & certainly because they're chocolate! I followed your recipe but then did a little experimenting with the baking time ~ I took half the cookies out just after the 9 minute limit, & I left the rest of the cookies in for another 2 minutes! I liked them both ways!! Thanks for sharing this keeper! [Tagged, made & reviewed in Zaar Stars Recipe Tag Game]
  5. delicious, these are just the perfect texture not too crunchy yet a little chewy, I might try adding in a little peanut butter next time, thanks for sharing Booms!


  1. These are very unique: tastes like a brownie but the texture is chewy, like a hybrid between an oatmeal cookie and rice krispie treat. I enjoyed them, especially that they are FAT FREE (FDA says less than .5 g fat per serving) which is really unusual for something satisfying like this, much more interesting than a boring meringue! DH thought they were just O.K. and we both agreed that they are more chewy than crunchy and need to be rated as far as a fat free cookie not compared to Mrs. Fields. When I make them again they'd be more a snack for myself and not for DH or entertaining, and I'd try to up the healthy factor with whole wheat flour and replace some of the cocoa with chocolate protein powder.


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