Crumb Cake

"This will be the last crumb cake recipe you'll ever need. It's wonderful. It's my friend Fran's mother's recipe. It's far from low fat and I guess that's what makes it such a delicious cake. Everyone will ask you for the recipe."
photo by cookin mama photo by cookin mama
photo by cookin mama
photo by Ellen R. photo by Ellen R.
Ready In:
1 large crumb cake




  • Grease and flour a cookie sheet with sides (11 x 17 or 10 1/2 x 15) just watch the time.
  • Mix cake using above ingredients.
  • Spread in cookie sheet.
  • Bake 350° for 20 minutes (20 minutes is the time for the 10 1/2 x 15 pan), so a little less time if you are using the bigger pan.
  • I like the 11 x 17 pan.
  • Crumbs: Add ingredients to bowl and mix together.
  • Spread in chunks covering cake.
  • Bake 15 minutes more.
  • Cool.
  • Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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  1. Let me be the first to say people will want the recipe! I have lots of neighbors who drop in all the time, and are welcome to whatever I have cooked or am cooking. I have already printed this recipe four times since I made it yesterday, and am just now posting my review. I followed the recipe exactly from start to finish. Delicious! Try it, you'll like it!
  2. I had to look twice-- you're supposed to use a *cookie sheet*, not a cake pan. That's why the sizes of the pans are 'unusual.' 11x17 is a standard sized cookie sheet and both 11x17 and 10.5x15 are readily available in stores, and probably are the sizes you've got in your house. Just make sure it has a lip, and isn't one of the completely flat cookie sheets, obviously. I accidentally used a standard Betty Crocker yellow cake mix, which is not the same size as the butter cake mix suggested in the ingredients. I added some flour to make up for it. I also added a little vanilla and cinnamon to the cake batter before baking. The crumb topping does seem like a lot when you're mixing it up at first, but as you start putting it on the hot cake, the butter and sugar start to melt a bit, and it turned out absolutely perfect for my 11x17 cookie sheet. Not only did this smell fantastic, but it tasted absolutely great. Quick, easy, painless.
    • Review photo by Ellen R.
  3. This is unbelievably delicious for such an easy cake to prepare! My whole family adored it; my little brother had three pieces! I loved that it used cake mix because that made it so much simpler. I realized after getting home from the grocery store that I was out of butter cake mix, so I used yellow cake mix. After reading others' reviews, I added two teaspoons of cinnamon to the cake mix before baking, along with a teaspoon or so of vanilla. Then, I added an extra teaspoon of cinnamon to the crumb topping. This intensified the cinnamon flavor but was definitely not too much. I served it sprinkled with confectioner's sugar, as suggested, but also topped with Cool Whip! Talk about delicious and decadent! Thanks so much for sharing this great recipe.
  4. Sorry but anything that starts out with boxed cake mix, is NOT a recipe!
  5. Made this in a 9” x 13” pan and 2/3 the topping. It was great!


  1. Like I said above, I accidentally used the smaller yellow cake mix, so I threw in a few tablespoons of flour. I also threw in some extra vanilla and cinnamon into the cake mix.
  2. One caveat, the butter should not be almost melted for the crumb topping. I usually take the butter from my freezer and let sit on the dining room table for 4 hrs. It is then pliable but not melted. I've gottent the best crumbs this way. I've also done a variation recommended by my DH substituting cocoa for cinammon, grating chocolate shavings in the topping and marbling the cake. I am a big baker but let me say doing the Cake Doctor thing with the homemade crumbs works. Almost too well, I'm now on hospitality and make 3 trays a month at church because everyone loves it!


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