Creamy Italian Dressing

"Very flavorful dressing for crisp greens or vegetable salads."
photo by Pam-I-Am photo by Pam-I-Am
photo by Pam-I-Am
Ready In:




  • In jar with tight fitting lid; combine all ingredients.
  • Shake well.

Questions & Replies

  1. Do you use fresh or dried herbs?
  2. Can I use Almond Milk in this recipe?


  1. Very creamy and good. I like the calories too. The only thing I did different was add quite a bit extra milk to thin it out. If anything it just added to the taste. Thanks Inez
  2. This is a very good and creamy dressing. I also added a little more milk to thin it out. will definetely make this often. Anita
  3. Very tasty and much better than anything bottled. Easy & economical as well. Thank you for sharing this very tasty dressing.
  4. This has a lovely taste. I, too, added more milk to make it a little thinner, but over all the taste was great. It definitely needs to stand in the refrigerator to blend the flavors. Thanks, Carole
  5. OMG this is good! I made one batch, tasted it, and immediately quadrupled the recipe.


  1. Added one more tablespoon of milk.
  2. I am so glad I found this recipe. It is wonderful, and so easy! The first time I made this, I had to do without the rosemary (realized I was out), and use rice vinegar instead of cider vinegar. Even with these changes, the dressing was marvelous! My husband immediately declared that we must have this again, and was so eager to try it with the rosemary -- something he loves -- that the next time he went shopping, he came home with rosemary specifically so we could make this dressing again. :) The only thing I change from the recipe is to use Smart Balance sandwich spread (a heart-healthy mayo) instead of regular mayo. Thanks so much for a great addition to our recipe collection!
  3. Wow, very easy to whip up in the blender. I multiplied the recipe by 4 using half Hellmann's and half sour cream. Also used a clove of fresh garlic instead of the garlic powder and garlic salt and used my Italian seasoning in place of the oregano I was out of. Very good recipe. Love it and will make again.
  4. Pretty darn good! I've never made dressing before, and the whole time I was making it, I was thinking: "I don't know about this". But, it turned out good, tastes like italian dressing :D. I substituted water for the milk, as my dad is allergic to dairy.
  5. MizzNezz, how could I expect ANYTHING but perfection from one of your recipes. The spices and amount of vinegar tang was just right, I am SO greatful I resisted the urge to do red wine vinegar instead of cider vinegar, it would not have been so good. Great over a mixed green salad with cukes, green onions and pepper chunks in it that I served along side our take out pizza. I will make this often, thanks for sharing!


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