Colorado Style Green Chili, Slow Cooker

READY IN: 4hrs 45mins




  • pour broth into slow cooker and turn on high.
  • fry bacon, until just done, add bacon to broth, but keep grease in pan to fry chopped veggies.
  • fry veggies in order of listed above leaving several second in between. don’t fry the canned chilies, but if you are using fresh jalapenos, fry those with the other veggies. don’t fry the cilantro. add fried veggies to broth.
  • brown chunks of pork on all sides in left over grease from veggies, add to broth.
  • add fresh cilantro, cumin powder, salt, and garlic powder to broth. stir well.
  • cover slow-cooker.
  • chili can cook on high for 4-6 hrs, or on low for 6-8 hours stir occasionally.
  • at some point, you can blend (in blender or shake in closed tupperware) the flour / water mixture, and then add to the broth. usually you should do this within an hour or so of throwing in all the ingredients into the broth. for thicker chili add more of this mixture.
  • towards the end of cooking time salt to taste.
  • when almost finished, pull chunks of pork out of chili and pull apart a bit to your desired size. add back to chili and let it cook a bit longer.
  • serve in a bowl as soup with warm tortillas on the side. or smoother over burritos. we love to smoother over cheese roll-ups.
  • enjoy.