Chunky Chocolate Bars

"These are so yummy you won't be able to stop eating them! Very easy to make and can be made with all different substitutions!"
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Ready In:


  • 350 g chocolate, chopped into small pieces
  • 115 g unsalted butter
  • 400 g condensed milk
  • 225 g chocolate hazelnut chocolate chip biscuits or 225 g your favourite biscuits, broken
  • 165 g mixed dried fruit, of your choice (eg raisins, dried peaches,dried apple, dried apricots)
  • 50 g your favourite nuts, roughly chopped (eg hazelnuts, macadamias, cashews, slivered almonds, pecans etc)


  • Line a 28X18cm cake tin with clear film (cling wrap).
  • Melt the chocolate and butter in a large bowl over a pan of simmering water or microwave.
  • stir until mixed.
  • pour the condensed milk into the chocolate and butter mixture.
  • beat with spoon until creamy.
  • add the broken biscuits, fruit, nuts.
  • mix well until all combined.
  • tip the mixture into prepared pan leaving top rough.
  • cool then chill til set.
  • lift out of tin using the clear film and then peel off.
  • cut into bars and serve at once.
  • leave refrigerated.

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  1. An oustanding success at the DS's music recreation group. For the dried fruit I used raisins (chopped), for the nuts madadamias (chopped) and the biscuits were a mix of chocolate ripples and chocolate teddy bears. Thank you oriana for a great easy recipe, made for ZAAR Chef Alphabet Tag game.
  2. Rich and delicious. You are right about not being able to stop eating them! I used raisins, dried cherries, and figs. For the biscuits I used chocolate chip pecan cookies. Thanks so much for this easy to make and oh so good "candy bars"!


Well I have two gorgeous kids a 2 year old boy(soon to be 3) and a 9 mth old girl, so I have been very lucky to have one of each! I remember growing up and eating the most yummiest food that my mum would cook for us so I am carrying on the tradition and starting my own favourite recipes for my family to grow up on and this is where this great website comes in! I love to travel, go to the beach, animals, going to theme parks, zoos etc, art and crafts the list goes on. I am currently a stay at home mum living with my partner and enjoying every minute of bringing up my beautiful babies.
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