Christmas Pecan Logs

Recipe by kelycarter_
READY IN: 2hrs
YIELD: 50 slices




  • In pan combine sugar, water, and corn syrup. Cook over medium-high heat to boiling, stirring constantly to dissolve sugar (6 to 8 minutes).
  • Then reduce to medium-low heat, without stirring, till thermometer registers 240 degrees, soft-ball stage (about 30 more minutes).
  • Remove pan from heat; remove thermometer. Pour mixture onto a large platter. Do not scrape the cooked candy from the sides of the pan (this part tends to over-cook and gives a hard texture to the candy -- it's not worth wrecking the soft creamy center by adding this).
  • Cool, without stirring, until slightly warm to the touch. About an hour.
  • Add cherries to the mixture and beat with a wooden spoon for 10 minutes utill candy is white, creamy and has lots of air incorporated into it. (This step can also be accomplished using a paddle attachment on a food processor).
  • Form into logs (individual size or 2 large) and wrap in clear plastic wrap.
  • Place wrapped logs in the freezer for at least 1 hour.
  • For the coating:
  • In a heavy saucepan combine caramels, butter and water. Cook over low heat until caramels are melted.
  • Spread chopped pecans on a piece of waxed paper.
  • Remove the saucepan from heat. Dip the unwrapped fondant logs into the melted caramel mixture. Let excess caramel drip off the log.
  • Place the dipped log on the chopped pecans and roll until it is covered.
  • Chill 1 hour or until ready to serve. To serve, let logs stand at room temperature about 30 minutes.
  • Cut into 1/4 inch slices.