Beautiful Christmas Fruit Salad

SERVES: 10-20
YIELD: 4 quarts




  • Wash the fruit well.
  • Mix the salt and water in a medium sized bowl. Stir until all the salt is dissolved.
  • Dice the apple into bite-size chunks. Make sure each piece has a bit of green peel on it.
  • Add the apple pieces to the salt water. Occasionally stir the apples to ensure they are uniformly soaked.
  • Place the raspberries, grapes, and drained cherries in a large, 4 quart serving bowl. Gently mix the fruit together without bruising the cherries and raspberries.
  • Skin the kiwis and dice into bite sized chunks. Add them to the serving bowl. Gently mix the fruits again.
  • Cut the honeydew flesh into chunks or use a melon baller. Add the honeydew to the serving bowl, and gently mix.
  • Drain the salt water off the apples. I did not rinse them - I think the tiny bit of salt adds a little to the flavor of the salad. Gently mix into the serving bowl.
  • Separate pomegranate seeds from the white pith. Here are three easy ways to do it:
  • Add the pomegranate seeds to the serving bowl, and mix one final time. Be very careful not to over mix - the juices from the red fruits will stain the apples and melon.
  • Garnish if you'd like with fresh mint,a star cut from fresh pineapple, or a cross section of star fruit. Serve immediately or chill - this salad will hold up in the fridge for many hours. Serve with fresh cream, whipped topping, or plain. It's all good!
  • Takes about an hour to make depending on your knife skills. Makes about 4 quarts.