Chocolate Banana Fruit Roll Up/Fruit Leather (Dehydrator)

"I just got a dehydrator and this is the first thing I made Tastes great before dehydrating as well!"
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photo by aterveen_1487
Ready In:
10hrs 5mins
1 fruit leather




  • Add bananas, sugar, and cocoa into blender and puree till smooth.
  • Line a food dehydrator rack with parchment paper or use the fruit leather screen, and pour the mixture into the tray 1/4 inch thick.
  • Dry at 130 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 10 hours. You may want to flip the leather half way through, dry until no moist spots are left.

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  1. The puree before it's dehydrated is awesome! I used frozen banana rounds that I had cut and frozen previously, they're handy to have around. I then followed the recipe as it is given with the addition of a dash of cinnamon. The cold puree is as good as any soft serve ice cream and it's healthy, that's a big plus. My husband isn't crazy about dehydrated snacks but this cold treat he'd eat all day. The fruit roll ups once dehydrated were also great.
  2. I've tried this twice. The first time I had a temperature error with the dehydrator so the leather didn't turn out and I had to soak the fruit leather sheets overnight to get them clean. This time I was very careful and followed the recipe to the letter. The leather has been on the dehydrator for almost 14 hours and it's dry enough to peal away from the tray on the edges but the middle is still stuck solid. The edges are so dry the texture is more like dehydrated banana chips than fruit leather. I'm not sure if I should keep cooking it until the middle separates away like the edges do or if this batch has gone too wrong to be saved. Any pointers? p.s. my dehydrator has a fan so I've been cooking the "leather" at 130 fan. Could that be the problem? The fan can be turned off or adjusted but the recipe didn't mention a fan setting so I just used the fan at max like my dehydrator's manual suggests but this mixture is a lot thicker and creamer than my usual recipes which start out more like applesauce consistency where as this was more like a pudding to start. Please help, oh knowledgeable experts. :)
  3. I thought I would try this recipe. I followed the recipe exactly and the puree tasted weird. When it was in the dehydrator, everyone was trying to figure out what stinks. For some reason it didn't work out for us.



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