Chinese Fried Mock Oyster

READY IN: 10mins




  • Soak the bean curd sheet to soften. In another bowl soak dried mushrooms in warm water for 25 minutes [or so] Drain the curd. Squeeze the mushrooms. Cut off mushrooms stems and dice. Save the strained soaking liquid to use then steam the mushroom pieces and bean curd for 8 minutes.
  • Take each sheet of seaweed and cut into shreds. Combine in a bowl with the steamed mushroom pieces.
  • Using a fork mix and mash steamed bean curd in a bowl and add the salt, sugar, cornstarch, sesame oil, pepper and MSG [if using].
  • Now wipe bean curd sheet with damp cloth then trim the edges and cut into 10 pieces.
  • Mix the batter ingredients until smooth and lump free. The mushroom water is the soaking liquid.
  • Mix together the flour and water mixture until a glue type paste. If you can glue a picture in a book with it? You got it.
  • Assemble:
  • Lay bean curds so they form diamonds then place about a teaspoon of the mashed bean curd in the middle.
  • Add a bit of the seaweed mixture then topping with another teaspoon of bean curd. You want bean curd, seaweed, bean curd.
  • Fold the bottom over the filling so that it forms a triangle.
  • Fold over the top.
  • Brush generously with the glue mixture.
  • Fold over the left and right sides, brushing with more of the glue and pressing down on the edges to seal.
  • To hot wok add oil.
  • Coat about 4 or 5 of the wrapped bean curds in the batter and add to the wok, carefully sliding them in so the oil doesn't splatter.
  • It hurts if it splatters. If needed use a splatter shield. Done right you shouldn't but stranger things have happened.
  • Turn as needed until you deep-fry until golden brown (about 5 minutes]. Drain.
  • Serve with Vegetarian Worcestershire sauce or seasoned salt. Or other dipping sauce.
  • Time is a guess for the frying. Move at your own speed and the woks speed. You want results not to beat a clock.