Chili Infused Vodka

"I saw a show on the food network where someone did coffee bean/orange infused vodka which turned out to be an amazing liqueur. After that I became addicted to infusing vodka. It's simple, tasty and easy to impress friends. I'd also say if you were to make these infused vodkas and give them as gifts you'd have a ton of new friends. Being a hot head, I made this chili infused vodka because it's vital for a good Caesar. In Canada we have Clamato, a tomato and clam juice, which when mixed with some vodka and hot sauce (and other ingredients of course) becomes like this spicy Bloody Mary. You can add whatever else you like; I find a little Worcestershire and salt with the Clamato works great."
Chili Infused Vodka created by Debi9400
Ready In:
168hrs 5mins
1 bottle




  • Quarter all the fresh peppers and the horseradish. If you want to reduce the heat, seed and stem the peppers. You can really use any combination and quantity of peppers. I used the 4 of each and it produced a brilliant heat level with an amazing taste.
  • Take your lime and make about twenty slits in the peel all over the lime.
  • Put all the ingredients into a clean, sterilized wide mouthed jar. Using a wide mouthed jar (like a mason jar) just makes it easier to get everything in and out.
  • Put the vodka in a cool, dark place. Cover with a dish cloth if you like.
  • Every day, shake it.
  • Let the vodka sit at least one week then strain the vodka through cheesecloth and enjoy. I use 1 ½ oz of the vodka, about a tbsp of Worcestershire, a tsp of celery seeds, a little salt and top it off with Clamato (or tomato juice) for a nice fiery beverage.

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  1. Helle56
    I made it with 6 Halbaneros, 7 red and 7 green chilies, table spoon chili pepper, the rest ingredients as recommended. I like it spicy. It is 5 days old and I test a shot every day, straight. It is firewater... Not sure if it should be blended with something.. Lol
  2. Debi9400
    Whoa! This is the best infusion ever - but it's not for the faint of heart. If you love hot spicy Caesers (or Bloody Marys) - this is the vodka blend for you. Nothing else is required - yes it's hot but it comes with a fabulous flavour too. I used 4 of everything requested along with some dried flakes for good measure. Couldn't find fresh horseradish here so put a generous Tbsp of jarred horseradish (not creamed) into a sachet of cheese cloth tied off tied with cord. Was worried it would be too vinegary (not) or cloud the infusion (didn't). Left it in a cool dark spot for a full 7 nights. Made our drink exactly as the chef directed along with a rim of seasoning & celery salts. Topped off with a spicy pickled asparagus spear. My oldest son (the mixologist) added a couple of small drops of liquid smoke to his and was happy as could be.
  3. Andi Longmeadow Farm
    A beyond the stratosphere taste sensation. I love really hot, spicy foods, beverages, etc. and this made the "cut" and beyond. The abundance of taste and smoothness really goes beyond a normal taste of vodka infused with"pepper". This has all the freshness and perks of a smooth vodka coupled with the slight punch of hot peppers that were fresh and lively. Absolutely perfect! I made this exactly 7 days ago...with fresh horseradish, fresh habaneros, (2) and the rest chilies were various jalanpenos, finger chilies, and red chili. Mine turned a green tint, but stayed crystal clear and was completely clear and wonderful when added to the bloody mary I made last evening. I will make this again, and enjoy it all the same. Oh yum...and thank you Chef Jason!
  4. Debi9400
    Chili Infused Vodka Created by Debi9400
  5. Debi9400
    Chili Infused Vodka Created by Debi9400



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