Butter-Less Chocolate Chip Cookies

"These are really awesome, butterless chocolate chip cookies. For whenever you run out of butter or just want to try something new. I got it off of sugarandcharmblog.com"
photo by Michelle S. photo by Michelle S.
photo by Michelle S.
photo by Michelle S. photo by Michelle S.
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Ready In:
48 cookies




  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Combine flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt and set aside.
  • In a mixing bowl cream together oil, brown sugar and white sugar. Beat in eggs one at a time, then add in the vanilla and almond extract.
  • Blend in dry ingredients and fold in the chocolate chips.
  • Bake for 8 to 9 minutes and then let them cool on the pan before moving them to a wire rack.

Questions & Replies

  1. Can I replace vegetable oil with sunflower oil?
  2. it turned out really weird for some reason, not sure what i did wrong, was really brown from the bottom but still not cooked at the top
  3. Can you make these cookies without chocolate chips and almond extract?
  4. Don’t make this way to oily I’m warning u
  5. Did Imiss where it says add baking powder?


  1. Until the other night when my boys begged me to make cookies yet was out of butter, never ever thought about making chocolate chip cookies with oil!. Well thank you genious kitchen! These cookies are the best I have ever had, or made. Amazing taste and texture! sorry butter you are officially replaced. I do not agree of the post that says they are too greasy! They were perfect!
  2. I’m a poor person so I had to make some changes. Out of almond extract and chocolate chips. I used cinnamon powder in place of the almond extract and instead of chocolate chips I smashed up some frosted mini wheats with peanut butter and honey, froze it, broke it in to bits for my chips. My wife and I Have a 7 month old girl who’s growing four teeth. My wife was happy eating these and therefore I love this recipe.
  3. Unfortunately I just finished making these and they didn't bind together? I followed the recipe exactly I made q check list and everything to make sure I got it right. It seemed too dry and the dough didn't want to stick together. It was an odd consistency and when I baked them they didn't hold. They look nothing like the picture. Can anyone give me work advice on what could have gone wrong? I wanted to really like this recipe since I was out of butter :/
    • Review photo by Kiera_S_
  4. Lovely cookies. Yeah - I'm a dude... They looked a bit wrinkly but tasted great. I did a double natch but with half the recommended almond extract.
    • Review photo by pennydan
  5. Watch how long you bake the cookies, they brown fast. Next time I am going to try omitting the almond extract or lessening ut because the almond flavor was to strong. My three year old daughter loved these cookies which is really all that matters.


  1. Omitted the almond extract, halved the recipe
  2. On an off week I did not have butter or eggs (I know!!). No applesauce either. I found this recipe using oil instead of butter and substituted the eggs with sweetened condensed milk. These are by far the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had or made.
  3. I modified parts of this recipe adding instead of what it showed 4 cups of regular unbleached flour, 2 cups of cake flour 2 cups of sugar w/ one tablespoon of molasses 4 eggs 2 cups of almond slivers and 3 cups dark chocolate chips everything else is the same. Instead of getting the cookie shown in the picture I got almond biscuit cookies :D
  4. -omitted almond -added half chocolate chips and half butterscotch chips -rolled in a ball before baking -left on the cookie sheet to cool instead of transferring right away


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