Bread Machine Dough Enhancer

"Adding this into your bread machine flour mix will produce a better textured bread."
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Ready In:
1 cup enhancer




  • Mix all the ingredients together.
  • Store in a tightly closed glass jar.
  • To use: Add to the breadmaker with the dry ingredients.
  • Use the same amount of enhancer as the yeast (example: 1 tsp yeast, use 1 tsp enhancer).
  • The lecithin granules, and the vitamin C powder can be purchased at your health food store, or any pharmacy.
  • Note: The ginger boosts the yeast, and makes it act more swiftly.
  • The ascorbic acid (vitamin C), strengthens the gluten.
  • The lecithin granules aids the oil in causing the strands of gluten to slip against each other more easily.
  • These three ingredients together, makes for an all around much better texture bread machine bread.
  • ***NOTE*** All the ingredients can be purchased at a health food store.

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  1. I use this exactly as written - I have a batch made up that I keep in my freezer at all times to keep it fresh. Like another reviewer, I use only whole wheat flour in any bread recipe, and found that my breads were "heavy" when trying to use a traditional bread recipe. I've been adding wheat gluten to lighten up the recipes, but gluten is EXPENSIVE and rather a pain to use. This enhancer is awesome - gives a GREAT, light texture to the bread - I can use my wheat flour in anything, now. Thank you for sharing this - I can't believe you haven't gotten more raves on this. I bought my lecithin and vitamin C powder from an online vitamin store for an even better value.
  2. wow it works just like magic - been playing with different flours, seeds, molasses, coconut oil etc. etc. and it's quite happy with whatever conbination i happen to invent
  3. I use only whole grain flour when making bread, and this enhancer really did the job. It made the bread lighter, smoother and it even stayed fresh longer. Thanks so much for posting. Just an update. I use this recipe regularly, but I leave out the ginger. I think it works better that way.



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