Bread Baked over the Bonfire (Danish 'snobroed')

"Every child and adult in Denmark have fond memories of sitting around the bonfire on June 23rd when we celebrate Midsummer Sankt Hans. Most often we will make 'snobroed' which basically means 'wound bread'. You find sticks (great task for kids) long enough that you can sit at a safe distance and bake the bread over the fire. The bread dough is wound around the stick and will bake in approx 15 min. The key and often competition is who can bake the best bread without it getting burn marks. Hint - the coal and not the flames works best. It takes patience, but is so much fun and the banter will be flying. I have arranged this for friends and our kids during camping trips and it is now a MUST tradition and a great fuss free way of cooking dinner/snacks. See the recipe below for addtional tips on how to cook with hot dogs, ham etc. If camping you can make the dough ahead of time and place in a big zip lock bag, break the dough off directly in the bag and with floured hands roll out and onto the sticks."
photo by Chef Tweaker photo by Chef Tweaker
photo by Chef Tweaker
photo by Chef Tweaker photo by Chef Tweaker
Ready In:
8 breads




  • In a big mixing bowl mix water and yeast. Let stand for 5 minute Stir until yeast is disolved.
  • Add salt.
  • Add flour a bit at a time. When dough becomes to heavy to stir, move to table and knead dough as long as you like. The consistency of the dough should not be sticky and should not be too dry. Once you can 'play ball' from hand to hand with the dough it should be fine. I make this also in a Kitchen Aid mixer which works well.
  • Let rise for 30 min in warm place, cover with tea towel.
  • Divide dough in 8 equal balls. Roll the balls into a long string, approx 15 inches long. Starting at top of stick wind the dough around the stick, making sure that the dough is connected and no bare spots show.
  • Optional - first place hot dogs on stick and wrap the dough around hotdog from top to bottom making sure to fully cover hotdog. Same can be done with slice of ham.
  • Cook over fire for approx 15 min or until bread has risen, is golden and sound hollow when you knock on it. Also, once it slides off easily it is usually done.
  • You can now add ketchup, cheese, mustard down the middle hole.

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  1. Chef Tweaker
    Well I won't leave any stars but wanted you to know that I tried this out. I totally messed up because I had measured out just the right amount of flour in one bag and had pancake mix in another bag and tried to use the flour to make pancakes! Talk about hockey pucks! I figured it out and didn't finish off the "batter" but added the yeast and some pancake mix to it. Still it was too wet from the milk I had added previously so I got some flour from my girlfriend and got it back into a dough. We tried it out but had trouble with it falling off the stick. (in our case it was hot dogs.) One observation... if using dogs, cut them in half first. Someone told me afterward that you can just use refrigerated biscuit dough to do the same thing which took a little wind out of my sails. On the other hand, I can't have processed foods and I wouldn't mind giving it another try.



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