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Boston Cream Poke Cake

Boston Cream Poke Cake created by Annick 2

Cake, pudding, and chocolate. Who needs anything else?

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  • Make cake according to package instructions.
  • Mix pudding mix with milk.
  • Whisk until lumps are gone, about 2 minutes. Pudding should be pourable but not thin.
  • While cake is still warm, poke holes in cake using a wooden spoon.
  • Pour pudding over cake and gently press pudding into cake.
  • Cool cake in the refrigerator.
  • Remove foil from frosting.
  • Microwave for 10-15 seconds and stir.
  • Frosting should be pourable but not bubbly.
  • Pour over cake and spread gently.
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@Jazz Lover
@Jazz Lover
"Cake, pudding, and chocolate. Who needs anything else?"
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  1. fhrq167
    My Poke cake story A while back my sister in law and cousin both posted the recipe for a Boston Cream Poke cake on FB. Now I do not like to cook or bake, but for some reason this cau ht my attention and sounded ood. I need to tell you that the letter between F & H does not work on my keyboard, so when you see funny spelled words it's not my fault. I was invited out to dinner at my 89 year old aunts and said I would bring dessert. Now my Aunt wen is a little hard of hearin ,so when I told her I was oing to make a Poke cake for our dessert she proceeded to tell me all the ne atives about COKE, I told her it wasen't a coke cake , it was a poke cake and spelled it P-O-K-E so she said she mi ht try it. I went to the store and ot all the in redients and are ettin ready to start. first I couldn't find my mixer, the beaters were in the drawer but where the hell could the mixer have one, so I used a whisk which I had to wash first because it haden't been used since I can't remember when. OK, now the cake is bakin and when it comes out of the ovenit has to cool before I poke holes in it to pour the puddin in. The recipe said to use a wooden spoon handle. I didn't have anythin that was the size I needed because I had used my woodwn spoon to mix up dye for my daughter to tie dye a shirt. I fi ured my husband must have somethin I could use in the ara e and there was nothin that would work
  2. Karen S.
    It was good, the only thing is when I put the frosting in the microwave and when I poured it over the pudding it melted the pudding. I guess I need to let the frosting cool a bit before pouring over the pudding on the cake. But my kids loved it otherwise. Will make again.
  3. Deane R.
    This is the second time I made this cake. I didn't care for the canned frosting. It was a pain to spread. So, I made a homemade chocolate fudge marshmallow frosting. Second time with homemade frosting was a charm and everyone agreed homemade icing did the trick.
  4. David B.
    Would have been nice to know that you HAVE to use a large item when punching holes into the cake otherwise the pudding does not and will not fill the holes properly.Ididn't know that and now I'm stuck with a cake that isn't properly made and I followed the directions just as stated,but the holes weren't big enough so now I have pudding everywhere that I have to manually scoop out.....
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  5. David B.
    When punching holes in the cake you want to make sure that the item you're using at least has a large circumference or diameter to it he use anything small enough like a wooden spoon's just not going to work
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