Bek's Spicy Anytime Hash Browns - Homemade

Recipe by Gatorbek
READY IN: 30mins




  • Heat oil in a large, heavy non-stick skillet over high heat until almost smoking. Add potatoes, then sprinkle generously with garlic pepper, italian seasoning, and a bit of the cayenne pepper adjusted to your heat preference. Stir gently once, but then allow the potatoes to crisp up for 2-3 minutes without stirring.
  • Add bell peppers and onion, stir again, and let crisp. Continue cooking and stirring every couple minutes - don't stir too often, you want some nice crispy bits.
  • Watch the heat - I keep mine on high because I want the liquid from the peppers and onions to evaporate without making the potatoes mushy. If your stove gets hotter than mine, though, you may need to turn it down a notch to keep it from burning. If the heat is too low, though, you'll end up with a mushy mess, so keep it as high as you can without it smoking.
  • Keep cooking this way until the onion and peppers get nice and browned. You should have some nice crispy bits, and the overall color of the dish should deepen to a dark caramel brown as it cooks.
  • Taste occasionally, add salt and spices as needed to taste.
  • To complete as a Southwest breakfast - Serve hashbrowns covered in shredded Mexican-blend cheese, salsa, and two fried eggs.