Beef and Broccoli -- Pressure Cooker Style

"Richly flavored with sweet and a little back-bite of heat, thoroughly Beef and Broccoli on a budget and in a hurry when you don't have a lot of time. You won't find better even for take out."
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  • See, there's not a huge number of ingredients here, all of which I had.
  • How did this go together and how did I make it work?.
  • Take that partially frozen beef stew meat and chunk it finer, like 3-4 pieces out of each or more. Use your plastic tray, not the wooden cutting board. Put all the still half frozen beef into a gallon freezer zip lock bag.
  • Into a bowl, put the brown sugar, granulated garlic, ginger, soy sauce, tabasco, and sesame seed oil--whisk until smooth. Then pour the mass over the beef, squish it around to coat well. Then get all the air out of the bag and zip it tight. Let it sit on the counter to finish thawing and soak up the quick marinade, flip it a few times too. The beef will soak it up.
  • When ready, chop up the onion and garlic, drain and rinse the baby ears of corn and water chestnuts. Have them waiting. Also have a bowl waiting to receive the browned bits of beef.
  • Pull out the pressure cooker and set it to 'brown' put only about 1/2 tablespoon of oil in the bottom (any kind). Brown the beef in lots, squeezing out the extra liquid back into the bag as you pull the meat from the bag. Brown each lot and set it aside into the waiting bowl.
  • Once all the meat is done, add another small drizzle of oil into the pot and then toss in the onions with a little kosher salt (not much) allowing them to soften and get a little color. Just as they are done, toss in the diced garlic followed by the browned beef. Give it all a good stir and add whatever is left of the marinade from that bag over top of it, there won't be too much. Remember with pressure cooking, you don't need a lot of liquid.
  • Turn on the rice steamer and set it to go.
  • Slap the lid on the pressure cooker and set it to 10 minutes, really, it's not going to need a long time. Once it finishes, release the steam, add the corn, water chestnuts, and the frozen broccoli. Stir the mass well, set for 'low pressure' for 2 minutes. I didn't want the broccoli mushy and it'll go there quickly. I just wanted it steamed through. I did stop it at 1 minute because once the pressure came up, it was really already done.
  • I gave it another stir as the rice steamer dinged, gave it a taste and knew I had a winner. I served it up and it all disappeared. Now to store away for leftovers.
  • ---------------------.
  • Cost for the meal? Stew meat -- $8. Broccoli -- $1.79. Corn and water chestnuts --$3. Onion -- .50. Garlic -- .25. Rice -- .75. Spices -- 1.50. Total = 15.79. Portions I'll get out of this: 8 generous portions. 15.79/8=$1.97 each. Um, a delicious and filling dinner for under $2. Taco Bell has nothing on me.

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