Beau Monde Seasoning/Spice Mix

"Popular spice mixture."
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Ready In:
1 batch




  • Process all spices in blender or food processor.
  • Store in a tightly closed jar.

Questions & Replies

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  1. I think this recipe requires a description of what it is used for. Before I try any recipe for a seasoning, I always try it out first on the posters recomended recipes. However there is no description at all with this recipe, so I haven't a clue what to do with it as I am unfamilliar with this spice. If the recipe is updated with a description and recomendations for it's use I would give it a try.
  2. This recipe sounds nothing like what I remember Beau Monde tasting like. The cinnamon, cloves, allspice and nutmeg would be good in a pumpkin pie, but have no place in Beau Monde seasoning!! I can only imagine how bad Beau Monde dip would be when made with this strange concoction!! I have given a similar review to the other recipe posted here that also calls for what I would call "pumpkin pie spice". I bought some Spice Islands brand Beau Monde today and the ingredients on the container are: "Salt, Dextrose, Onion, Celery Seed, and Silicon Dioxide". I would caution anyone trying this recipe to try it in a very small quantity first and don't put it in something you're making for a special occasion until you try it out. I think you will agree with my opinion.
  3. This is not Beau Monde!!
  4. This is the best recipe to be used in a dip with cream cheese and mayo. If you do a search by ingredient, you would find the dips there.. This recipe is great and sure beats buying it when you can't find on the shelf!
  5. This recipe is simply awful. Beau Monde is not over powered by cloves or mace. In fact onion is on the lable as an ingrediant but not in this.



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